Historic rains in China: 457 mm fell in one day and there are at least three deaths

At least three people died in China after heavy rains considered “historic” in central Henan province that put the capital, Zhengzhou, in the maximum alert level and they forced the evacuation of more than 10 thousand peoplelocal media reported.

As reported, more than 144,000 people they were affected by the rain, which in Zhengzhou left 457.5 millimeters in 24 hours, a record in the records.

Zhengzhou, a huge metropolis located about 700 kilometers southwest of Beijing, the capital of the country, was placed in Red alert due to heavy rainfall.

National television CCTV showed submerged city streets, while residents with knee-deep water pushed their vehicles, the AFP agency reported.

The Zhengzhou Meteorological Services assessed the rainfall as the strongest in one day since the beginning of the records 60 years ago.

In the city center, flooding reached more than a meter high in the subway system and the images suggest that it was something sudden, because there were still passengers in the stations, several of whom were left with the water above their waists, while others stood on the seats.

Subsequently, the operating company said it would close all the stations on its lines due to bad weather. By then, they were already fully filled with water.

According to the state news agency Xinhua, firefighters are managing to reduce the level of flooding in the subway tunnel and in the affected wagons of the city’s line 5, and travelers are out of danger for the moment, although the videos showed several of them strongly affected.

On the streets, the outlook was equally dramatic. Meteorological authorities issued the highest alert level for the central province of Henan, as television cameras showed residents being rescued on rafts, with cars floating or being swept away by water currents.

The first provisional balance sheet of the state newspaper People’s Daily indicated that at least one person died and two others were missing since the heavy rains began Monday, and several houses collapsed.

Local media previously reported that two people had died when a wall collapsed in another district of the city, but the number of victims is expected to multiply in the next few hours due to the seriousness of the situation.

In addition to Zhengzhou, other cities affected since Monday are Luoyang, Xuchang, Pingdingshan and Nanyang. The heaviest rains were recorded in Lushan County of Pingdingshan City, with 400.8mm of rainfall.

A total of 16 large and medium-sized reservoirs saw the water level rise above the alert level after torrential rains hit most of the province on Monday and Tuesday. According to forecasts, in the next 24 hours heavy rains are expected to hit the central, western and northern areas of the province.

The Yellow River Water Resources Commission of the Ministry of Water Resources issued a blue alert for flood conditions in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River and a level IV emergency response for meteorological disasters.

The Chinese army warned on Tuesday about the imminent risk of a dam failure in the center of the country, battered by torrential rains.

The regional command of the People’s Liberation Army said in a statement that a 20-meter gap was opened in the Yihetan Dam in Luoyang, Henan region, warning that it “may break at any time.”

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