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Here it all begins: will Marianne Delcourt save Mehdi? [SPOILERS]

Suffering from leukemia, Mehdi's state of health (Marvin pellegrino) has seriously deteriorated in the last episodes ofHere it all begins. Even if he is condemned to die, the young man has only one idea in mind: to make his signature dessert and stay with Hortense (Catherine Davydzenka), the woman he loves, before taking his last breath.

If her days are now numbered, the arrival of Doctor Marianne Delcourt (Luce Mouchel) at the institute may well reshuffle the cards and bring a real ray of hope to the young man.

Will Marianne find a treatment able to save Mehdi? It is in any case for this purpose that this flagship character of Tomorrow belongs to us is about to set foot on the ground of the famous gastronomic school.

In the episode which will be broadcast this Wednesday, May 19 on TF1, Marianne will arrive in Calvières for a few episodes. Warned by Maxime (Clement Remiens) of Mehdi's state of health, the doctor from Saint-Clair hospital approached some of her colleagues who are testing chemotherapy in the experimental phase offering great chances of recovery to patients with leukemia. An experimental protocol to which Mehdi is eligible.

Although this could offer him the possibility of continuing the courses at the institute, Mehdi unfortunately does not intend to undergo yet another treatment.

According to the News Actual site, Mehdi will refuse to waste the last days that remain to him for a solution that gives no guarantees. A decision that Maxime will have a hard time understanding just like Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche) who will make the radical decision to exclude the student.

Will Mehdi end up changing his mind? To believe the synopsis unveiled by TF1, the latter seems determined to stick to its positions. In the next episodes of the successful daily soap opera, he will want to make his signature dessert no matter what.

While he will disobey Chef Teyssier to achieve this goal, the young man will be able to count on the unfailing support of his comrades Maxime, Hortense, Noémie (Lucia Passaniti), Salome (Aurelie Pons), Celia (Rebecca Benhamour) and Jérémy (Pierre Hurel) who will come and lend a hand.

While a real brigade is being trained in the kitchen, Lina (Evelyne El Garby Klaï) and Hortense will be particularly worried for the young man and could decide to play a decisive role in the recovery of Mehdi. Indeed, always according to the synopsis, Lina, ready to do anything for the well-being of her son, will seek the help of Teyssier.

As for Hortense, she "will overhear a conversation and end up in an awkward position", to the point of lying to Mehdi. However, since this new narrative arch is titled" The Last Challenge "anything is possible and the writers could choose to do away with one of viewers' favorite characters.

To know if Mehdi will decide to fight or if he will end up passing away with those he loves, you will have to be patient and watch the next episodes of Here it all begins. One thing is certain, the sequel promises to be rich in emotion.

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