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Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 145 of Friday, May 21, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don't want to know anything, don't read on!

Friday May 21 in Here it all begins


Mehdi, Hortense and Noémie spent the night working on the young man's signature dessert. If this new version is much better than the previous one, Mehdi still thinks that one ingredient is missing to make all the difference. Unfortunately, he is not sure he can get there before he leaves the institute in the evening. Shortly after, Lina joined her son in the kitchen. Wishing to support him in his project, the latter came with a thermos of coffee and decides to stay to see her son at work. Touched, Mehdi thanks her.

Later, Maxime and Lina meet Teyssier and seek his help in convincing Mehdi to follow the experimental protocol. Even if the student has always admired him, the pastry chef refuses to indulge him with unnecessary illusions. However, Emmanuel does not know what to do and confides in his wife afterwards. As a director, he does not understand that his student can let himself die without a fight, but as a pastry chef, he is, on the other hand, amazed by his tenacity.

Teyssier therefore finds Mehdi in the kitchen. After tasting the latest version of his dessert, the chef suggests that he add pistachio before going to the stove to make a new version of this pastry. The result may be very successful, but unfortunately the dessert does not have the size of a signature pastry. As Emmanuel encourages him to find something else, Mehdi retorts that he has many other ideas and says he is ready to give everything. Impressed by his determination, Emmanuel accepts that he will stay at the institute and even says he is ready to help him as long as he follows the experimental protocol.


Having had no news from his boyfriend since the day before, Eliott confides in Célia and is particularly pessimistic for the future of his couple. If he can't change his asexuality, Eliott can't help but be jealous either. In the deadlock, he sees only one solution: to break up with his boyfriend. Meanwhile, Greg confesses to Lilian that his boyfriend is asexual. And although he admits to being uncomfortable with the situation, the son Delobel does not see himself living without him.

Back at the institute, Greg joins Eliott in the park. After apologizing to him, Eliott puts an end to their story. Convinced that they will never be able to be a normal couple due to their asexuality, Eliott does not want to deprive the one he loves of a sex life. Even if they are very much in love, this is not enough for Eliott who prefers to end their romance before they end up hating each other. As he is about to leave, Greg holds him back and kisses him passionately before begging him not to leave him. Eliott, who doesn't feel like it either, nevertheless replies that it's the best thing to do and leaves, leaving a completely devastated Greg.

Although he is sure he made the right decision, Eliott is unhappy and it is with tears in his eyes that he later reveals himself to Celia.


In double A, Lisandro informs his students that with Anaïs, they will have to be absent all morning to visit a starred restaurant in Nîmes. Once they have received their instructions for the day, Charlene has fun provoking Enzo about his girlfriend's relationship with their teacher.

For their part, Anaïs and Lisandro break down their car. Without network and lost in the middle of nowhere, they decide to walk a bit of the road in the hope of meeting a motorist on the way. The head of the room then takes the opportunity to tell his student how his parents met thanks to his father's car breakdown. They loved each other so much since that day that they died a few years later just 24 hours apart.

If Anaïs and Lisandro are particularly close, this moment outside the institute is interrupted by Enzo. Indeed, very worried not to see them return, the young man went in search of them.

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