Greggs’ Customers Prefer Vegan Sausage Rolls to Meat-Based Sausage Rolls, Says Poll

Vegan Sausage Roll
Image: Greggs

Greggs‘ vegan and meat-eating customers prefer vegan sausage rolls to meat-based sausage rolls, according to a poll conducted by the bakery chain.

Following the huge success of the vegan sausage rolls, Greggs took to Facebook to determine which version of sausage rolls customers prefer.

The bakery chain conducted a poll on Facebook, asking its customers which version of the sausage roll they would choose if they could only save one: traditional meat-based sausage rolls or vegan sausage rolls?

More than 100,000 people responded to the poll, with most customers voting for the vegan version.

“Why eat dead pigs when there’s a tasty alternative. No brainer really,” a vegan commented.

“Vegan! – kinder to animals, kinder to the environment, and healthier for humans,” said another.

Another said: “Tried the Greggs vegan roll the other day and found it to be delicious! The other appetising thing about it is it was that it wasn’t made up the guts, balls and arseholes of dead animals!”

“Save one? Okay. I will save the one made of plants so I can save millions of sentient beings [against] exploitation, abuse and slaughter,” another vegan added.

“Remember a vote for a regular sausage roll is also a vote for piers Morgan,” another joked.

Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll
Image: Greggs

Surprisingly, most meat eaters agreed with vegans in the poll, with some promising that they will never consume the traditional meat-based sausage rolls ever again as the vegan version tastes better, has more protein, is less greasy, and has less fat.

“Ate the normal sausage rolls for the last 15 years but the vegan one is a million times tastier and I won’t be going back to the normal ones ever again,” a meat eater commented.

“I’m a huge meat-eater and prefer the vegan ones. Sorry bout it,” said another.

Another nonvegan added: “I’m not vegan but I think the vegan sausage rolls taste cleaner and are less greasy.”

“Not a vegan but actually prefer Greggs vegan sausage roll to the original. Ps. I can’t have dairy anymore hence why I’ve tried them,” another nonvegan commented.

Greggs vegan sausage rolls were launched early this year, in time for monthlong vegan challenge Veganuary.

The vegan version of the popular sausage rolls became such a huge hit that customers were willing to bid up to £12 on eBay just to get a taste of it even though it was originally sold for £1 in stores as it was always sold out.

The vegan sausage rolls became even more popular when morning TV presenter Piers Morgan, who has always attacked veganism, criticized Greggs for launching a vegan version of the sausage rolls.

Greggs’ vegan sausage rolls are now available in all UK locations for £1 each. Customers will be able to check each store’s stocks via the new Vegan Sausage Roll Locator.

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