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Gordon Ramsay Tells Piers Morgan to Go F*ck Himself for Criticizing His Vegan Roast

Image: Instagram/Gordon Ramsay

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay told morning TV show presenter Piers Morgan to go f*ck himself for criticizing his vegan roast.

Chef Ramsay, who used to be against veganism but eventually became more open minded, recently launched a “revolutionary” vegan Sunday roast in his award-winning, London-based restaurant Bread Street Kitchen.

Sharing a video of the new vegan Sunday roast with his 7 million Twitter followers, he said: “It’s happened….the #vegan roast has landed at @breadstkitchen!#roastrevolution

However, Morgan was not happy that the celebrity chef is now supporting veganism by launching more vegan options.

Joining other meat eaters who are attacking chef Ramsay, the TV presenter said: “Oh FFS, Ramsay… not you as well? This looks utterly revolting.”

Appearing on the Late Late Show with James Corden, chef Ramsay responded to Morgan’s critique, saying: “So Piers Morgan is now a food critic?! Go and f*** yourself! Seriously?”

“Vegan is on the rise, we’ve got to adapt and eat a slice of humble pie,” he added.

Chef Ramsay used to hate vegans and make fun of veganism. Once, he mentioned that he will electrocute his children if ever they become vegetarian or vegan.

He also mocked vegans by suggesting that the acronym PETA — which stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — should instead stand for “people eating tasty animals.”

However, after watching a video involving animal cruelty, Ramsay eventually realized why vegans choose not to consume or use animals and their by-products.

In 2018, he launched vegan pizza in one of his restaurants as a way to support veganism.

Early this year, he supported monthlong vegan challenge Veganuary by creating a special vegan menu in Bread Street Kitchen.

Now, aside from launching vegan Sunday roast, Chef Ramsay also launched the famous vegan Impossible Burger in Bread Street Kitchen Singapore branch as part of the official launch of Impossible Burger in the country.

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Roxanne Libatique

Written by Roxanne Libatique

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