Glacier break in the Himalayas – at least 170 missing

A Himalayan glacier has broken off in northern India. The avalanche killed several people. Over a hundred are still missing. The rescue workers do not give up hope yet.

After a flash flood in northern India caused by a glacier break in the Himalayas, at least 170 people are still missing. At least 14 people were killed. In a first balance sheet on Sunday, the authorities announced that three people had been recovered dead. The number of missing people was originally estimated at around 200. Now the government of the state of Uttarakhand announced that 14 bodies had been recovered. 15 people could have been saved. About 400 soldiers would be deployed to rescue in the remote mountains, said the national civil protection on Monday.

Workers could be trapped in tunnels

The search will continue for another 24 to 48 hours. The rescue workers are concentrating on a 2.5 km long tunnel in which, according to police reports, 30 to 35 workers from hydropower stations are likely to be trapped. There is still no voice contact with the victims, said a police officer.

Part of the glacier had rushed into a dam at the weekend and triggered an avalanche of rubble and water that tumbled downstream. “Everything was washed away, people, cattle and trees,” said an eyewitness from the nearby village of Raini. The masses of water also carried away bridges and roads. Two power plants were buried under the floods and rock masses. Numerous villages in the affected region have been evacuated. Most of the missing persons were reportedly workers in two power plants.

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