“Game Changer” Vegan Salmon Sushi Launches in the UK

Vegan Salmon Sushi
Image: Ima

London-based sushi company Ima launches a 100% vegan salmon sushi that the company describes to be a “game changer” in the sushi industry.

Ima, a Japanese word meaning “now,” describes itself as a “rebel” sushi company that focuses on authenticity and sustainability and aims to “redefine and reinvent” sushi to reflect changing consumer preferences and address sustainability concerns.

“We’re friends of the ocean,” said Ima. “It makes sense for us at ima, because sushi comes from the ocean but plastic sushi containers and soy sauce tubs are polluting the ocean. We want to change this.”

The vegan salmon sushi rolls feature avocado, fresh dill, and Ima’s signature vegan salmon made with carrots — each hand-rolled and sliced by hand instead of via machine.

Ima also offers vegan pink-hued Japanese rice in rolls featuring The Happy One, made with hoisin-glazed mock duck, cucumber, and sesame seeds.

In addition, the company provides burritos featuring The Extraordinary One, made with katsu tempeh, avocado, and chili sauce.

The sushi company, which sells its sushi in biodegradable trays to become environmentally friendly, is not the only restaurant that launched vegan Japanese cuisine this year.

American kitchen and sushi bar CRAVE also launched a new 100% plant-based menu during the monthlong vegan challenge Veganuary.

The new menu features not only vegan sushi rolls but also salads, stir fry, flatbreads, nachos, guacamole, and vegan truffle Parmesan fries.

Ima’s vegan salmon sushi is now available in Planet Organic, the largest certified organic supermarket in the UK.

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Roxanne Libatique

Written by Roxanne Libatique

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