Fox News: Moderator and Trump supporter Lou Dobbs split after billions lawsuit

Lou Dobbs was one of the most recognizable faces on the conservative television broadcaster Fox News. The Trump supporter caused a stir again and again, now his time at Fox is over.

  • One of the most loyal supporters Donald Trumps in the media world is losing its broadcast. Lou Dobbs will soon no longer be at Fox News moderate.
  • Dobbs had spread the conspiracy theory over and over on television that 2020 presidential election be manipulated.
  • All the news about the former US president can be found in Trump-News.

USA – Lou Dobbs is one of the most loyal followers Donald Trumps, as a moderator Fox News he offered the former US presidents a broad stage. Now he has to Moderator his place at Fox vacate.

Defended on his talk show Dobbs his idol to the last. Among other things the Conspiracy theorythat Trump and the Republicans the US presidential election “Stolen” was often enough a topic in his program. There is still a lack of evidence Dobbs stayed the lie and the hope that Donald Trump but still the choice could tip, loyal.

Fox News host Dobbs is looking for evidence of alleged election fraud against Donald Trump

On December 2nd, two weeks after the election, he said on his broadcast: “This is fraud, this is a politically corrupt Justice Department in Washington, DC, a politically corrupt FBI”. He later added that “there is no silence Surrender of this constitutional republic“Will give.

Also held two months after the election Dobbs on election victory Trumps stated that evidence of this was still lacking. So he quickly expanded it Conspiracy theory, allegedly evidence is being withheld on purpose. “It has been eight weeks since the election and we still have no verifiable, tangible evidence of the crimes that everyone knows began,” said Dobbs. “We know this happened in Nevada, we know it happened in Pennsylvania and some other states. Even so, we find it hard as hell to find actual evidence of this. Why? ”Two days later, an angry mob of radicals stormed out Trumpanhängern the Kapitol.

Supporters of Donald Trump: Moderator Lou Dobbs accused Smartmatic of voting machine fraud

Also tried hard Dobbs, the “fraud” dem Voting machine manufacturer Smartmatic To blame, of course, there was again no evidence. The claim that their voting machines could be manipulated seriously damaged the image of the UK-based company. The group reacted and resisted, Dobbs had to show a video on his show that exposed and corrected his lies. The moderator did not admit his mistakes. Instead, he directed the video, saying, “There are many opinions about the integrity of the choice, the irregularities of postal voting, the Voting machines and the voting software ”. Why admit mistakes in an election that “everyone knows” was manipulated.

Smartmatic showing the video was not enough. The company is pursuing a defamation lawsuit against Fox because their business was “irreversibly damaged by the unsubstantiated election fraud conspiracies and disinformation”. Disputed amount: $ 2.7 billion. One day after the lawsuit, the news came that Lou Dobbs no longer for Fox would work.

Fox News: Program changes to blame for Trump supporters kicked out

According to the broadcaster, the exit has Dobbs nothing to do with the multi-billion dollar lawsuit. It is the result of ongoing discussions about program changes across the company. Also the allegations of Smartmatic shows Fox back. “We are proud of our coverage of the 2020 election and will vigorously defend ourselves against this unfounded lawsuit in court, ”the company said in a statement.

Whether the expulsion Dobbs‘ really has nothing to do with the lawsuit is questionable. Perhaps the station wanted to get rid of the controversial presenter for a long time, as he regularly caused scandals before. In addition, the relationship between Dobbs and Fox not the best since the presenter opposed his own broadcaster. The only thing for Dobbs really counted in the last few years Donald Trump. When he referred to fallen soldiers as “losers” and “sucker” (sucker), he opposed himself Foxby claiming their reporting was false.

Trump – its alliance with Fox has broken – seems very grateful for the service of Lou Dobbs on the media front over the past few years. After that Friday came out Dobbs Broadcast is canceled, the ex-president published a message: “Lou Dobbs is and was great. Nobody loves America more than Lou. He had a large and loyal following who will closely follow his next steps, and this following includes me. ”(Sebastian Richter)

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