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Former Big-Game Texas Hunter Now a Vegan Advocate

Image: Jack Castle

A Texas former big-game hunter has completely transformed his lifestyle to that of a vegan advocate after learning about benefits of going vegan

Hunting was a tradition in Jack Castle’s family for four generations; photos from the tender age of one show Castle standing next to his father, the owner of a cattle business and fish farm, who was holding a shotgun and his kill.

Castle and his father would later travel and hunt together, but that is where the family tradition ended.

Today, Castle is a vocal advocate of the vegan lifestyle, even holding “Hunters Dine Vegan” dinners at his home, where he challenges hunters to go vegan by providing delectable six-course vegan meals while informing them about the health benefits of vegan food and the positive impact a vegan lifestyle can have on the planet.

Castle’s lifestyle change came about after observing his wife, Shushana, the author of Rethink Food, 100+ Doctors Can’t Be Wrong, interview hundreds of doctors who had used plant-based nutrition to heal their patients of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Astonished, Castle went on a plant-based diet and gave up hunting. He also refuses to pass down the family tradition of hunting to his three sons.

But the Texan former hunter and cattle rancher took things to another level by putting his lucrative 900-acre Colorado property into conservation for the benefit of wildlife.

Castle says that we are all interconnected, and treating all living beings with respect feels rewarding, adding that protecting wildlife and not killing anything that has eyes starts with compassion.

“Letting go of ranching and hunting is the ultimate respect to give the animals and it feels great in the heart,” said Castle in a statement sent to Vegan World News.

“That respect extends to all life, especially factory farmed animals,” he added. “We are all directly connected and that relationship is right in front of us.”

“Today the crisis of deforestation and animal factory farm suffering cannot be ignored.”

As a former hunter, Castle understands that hunters see hunting as normal and don’t view it negatively, but he also understands the environmental destruction he was contributing to as a rancher.

He feels he missed out on tasty plant-based foods prior to going vegan and believes hunters and ranchers can easily transition to veganism.

Speaking about Shushana, who co-executive produced the documentary What the Health, Castle said: “I know not everyone is lucky enough to be married to a woman who can set their head straight on what to eat and how plant food is our own best healers, but everyone can start wherever they are. It’s never been more important.”

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