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Fire in the United States: a fire devastates a town in northern California

A fire that has been burning for three weeks burned almost the entire center of a town to ashes in northern California, in the United States, and other flames fanned by the wind destroyed homes as firefighters prepare for new outbreaks in the middle of dangerous weather.

The California Fire and Forest Department indicated that the fire dubbed Dixie It is now the sixth largest in California history.

The flames scorched a territory larger than the city of Los Angeles by Thursday, covering an area of ​​more than 1,305 square kilometers (504 square miles).

It had already destroyed dozens of homes before advancing again on Wednesday, razing with the historic town of Greenville.

Four of the other five largest wildfires occurred in 2020. There was no immediate report of victims.

The fire, aggravated by parched vegetation and wind gusts of 64 kilometers per hour (40 miles per hour) swept through Greenville in the Sierra Nevada on Wednesday night.

The flames destroyed a gas station, a hotel and a bar among many other properties in this town founded during the Californian gold rush more than a century ago. Firefighters prepare for new outbursts amid dangerous weather.

It was not immediately known how many buildings were destroyed, but photos and videos of the place indicate the magnitude of the accident.


“Tonight we lost Greenville,” said legislator Doug LaMalfa, who represents the area in Washington, in a moving video posted on Facebook. “There are no words”.

When the fire’s north and east flanks erupted, the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office warned all 800 residents via Facebook: “They are in imminent danger! and they MUST go now! ” “We did everything we could,” said firefighter spokesman Mitch Matlow.

About 160 kilometers (100 miles) to the south, the River Fire that broke out near Colfax, a population of 2,000, destroyed between 35 and 40 homes and other buildingsauthorities said.

In a few hours, it wiped out two square miles of parched brush and trees. There was no containment and about 6,000 people in Placer and Nevada counties they received the evacuation order, reported the Department of Forests and Fire Protection.

Earlier in the week some 5,000 firefighters made progress in containing the Dixie fire, saved some threatened homes and they surrounded a third of the perimeter.


More trucks and bulldozers were sent to reinforce the fight, Matlow said. On Wednesday, the fire grew to thousands of hectares and 4,000 people were ordered to evacuate. Nearly 26,500 people from various counties have had to leave their homes, it said.

From Wednesday, conditions of intense heat, low humidity and strong winds prevail, and it is forecast that they will last during the night of Thursday.

Dixie fire scorches Northern California forests since mid July, one more effect of the climate crisis that has caused suffocating heat and an alarming drought.

By mid-July, the area burned in California was more than 250% from 2020, which in turn was the worst year in the state’s modern history.

Source: AP and AFP



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