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Fiction after love: TV reunited Cecilia Dopazo and Fernán Mirás

Those very young Cecilia Dopazo and Fernán Mirás who rose to fame with their leading role in Fierce tango, almost three decades ago, they crossed paths again in a fiction, now as the mother and father of two teenagers, in the series The world of Mateo, available from Flow.

Between one story and the other, thirty years passed and the actors remember the experience that united them then in the cinema and in real life, and the participation in this current fiction, which has just premiered its second season and, in which share the anguish over a tragedy that affects their children.

The world of Mateo is a police miniseries co-produced by KZA, Idealismo Contenidos y Flow, and directed by Mariano Hueter, which raises the disappearance and death of a teenager, and all the accusations fall on one of his schoolmates.

But the plot uncovers very murky aspects of family and social relationships, in the context where the drama takes place.

Cecilia Dopazo and Fernán Mirás along with part of the cast and the director, Mariano Hueter (third from left).

They shared a fiction again where a very difficult and dark story is told. How was the reunion?

You look: In the first season we did not have many crosses, because Cecilia plays the mother of the murdered boy and I, the father of the accused boy for the crime. So the scenes in which we coincided were few and tense, because of the plot. But in this second season, her character changes her attitude and tries to find out on her own what happened to her son and my character is also involved in that search.

Dopazo: In the first part, my character was important because it is about a woman facing the worst circumstance that life can pose to you. But it didn’t have much of an impact on the plot. In the new chapters, she decides to take a more active role and go out to search for the truth, in the face of the inertia of the Police and Justice. She is not convinced by the hypothesis that the culprit is the adolescent and therefore investigates on her own. And who, besides her, is going to have such a strong motivation to discover the truth than the father of the accused? Y there they come together to unravel all that darkness.

Fernán Mirás and Renato Quattordio, in a scene from the series.

Fernán Mirás and Renato Quattordio, in a scene from the series.

The plot, between suspense and verisimilitude

Celina (Dopazo) and Alejo (Mirás) are certain that, behind the death of the adolescent, the local police force is involved in a complex mesh of false clues. Added to this are other confusing situations related to drugs and power, something that makes almost everyone suspicious.

The cast of The world of Mateo It is also made up of Renato Quattordio, Luciano Cáceres, Toto Kirzner, Federico D’Elía, Malena Narvay and Fabiana García Lago, among others.

The series reflects so many cases that had fathers and mothers carrying out a cause, in the face of the inertia of those who really have to take charge. Did that resonate with you when you approached the project?

Dopazo: It is tremendous to imagine such a situation. I thought of references like The Mothers of Pain, and also in Susana trimarco, the mother of Marita Verón, in terms of the character and strength she always put into her struggle to reach the ultimate consequences. And, in that search, This mother I play finds an ideal ally in the character of Fernán, which, due to other circumstances, also needs to get to the truth.

You look: What was most interesting to me, already from the first season, was the fact that your son is accused of a crime and you are not sure it was not him, as it happens to my character. That implies a responsibility as a parent that is questioned all the time. It’s maddening too. But, also, beyond the fact that his son can be declared innocent, the guy wonders what the truth is behind everything and that is where he accompanies the character of Cecilia. The crossing between them is very rare.

-Something unexpected due to the drama they face, but that finally ends up uniting them.

You look: Yes, of course, but sparks are also drawn. That relationship this season is very curious in that sense.

The recording of this second installment had to be interrupted several times by the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, without being certain when it would be possible to continue. Finally, it was possible to resume and conclude.

Your experience as parents

You both have teens and pre-teens, were you able to capitalize on your own experience for the story?

Dopazo: When I was summoned for this character, although I loved the idea, I doubted it a lot, because it is so dramatic that I was afraid to get there. And he didn’t know if he was going to be able to get to that depth, to that level of pain. But luckily I agreed and I liked what I did. I ended up having a good time. I think that I’ve never had to do something so dramatic. In addition, it seems to me that, from the moment one has children, one becomes the most vulnerable being there can be, because no matter how much you take care of them, there are areas that one does not control or know what happens, and it is not appropriate to be on them overprotecting them.

You lookWhen I first read the book, it immediately reminded me of the times you’ve seen the mother or father of a boy who killed someone, saying: “My son can’t be, he wasn’t“That tragic situation that implies your responsibility as a father or mother, for your own pain and for the pain it may have caused. The feeling of”What did I do, what mistake did I make to make that happen?“I found one of the most interesting points in history.

"El Mundo de Mateo": the series premiered its second season on Flow.

“El Mundo de Mateo”: the series premiered its second season on Flow.

Outside of the characters, how was the personal encounter between you?

You look: It was curious, because in fiction we talked about each other’s children and, when we cut, too. We spent our time talking about our children. It seems that time has passed … not that we have aged, eh.

Dopazo: But we are beautiful! We caught up, really. What happened behind the scenes was like the light version of what we were filming. The climate of the set was very divine indeed.

You look : And there was no complicated scene, like having to dance a tango in balls, or anything like that.

The actor refers to a famous scene from Ferocious tango: the legend of Tanguito, released in 1993. At that time, Dopazo and Mirás, with just a little over twenty years old, caused a furor with the film, where they told the story of the musician Tanguito, one of the pioneers of national rock and his girlfriend, Mariana. The success of the film and Their later romance in real life made them young stars.

Fernán Mirás and Cecilia Dopazo, almost 30 years ago, in "feroz tango".

Fernán Mirás and Cecilia Dopazo, almost 30 years ago, in “feroz tango”.

Time passed the courtship is over and each one continued his life, but the affection is intact and the film marked a milestone in national cinema with its chorus of “But love is stronger“, which is still playing.

When the director, Marcelo Piñeyro, remastered the film five years ago, Dopazo and Mirás met again. “When I saw myself in the movie, I said: I’m my son ! “, recalls the actor.”We all thought that, we were very little“Cecilia adds.

-That story, which was so popular in the history of cinema, will have a special meaning for you.

You look: It is something that changed our lives a lot. The shooting was very intense and it’s funny how people still want that movie. It’s weird, but it’s nice that that happens.

Dopazo: What continues to happen with that film is so strong that, sometimes i feel like we did it yesterday. Everyone remembers it and it has greatly affected the personal lives of so many people, as well as ourselves. We are all as a community in that sense. It is beautiful that he continues to generate that communion.

You look: Those of us who made it love that movie very much, there was a certain mystique in the air, already before it was released. It was very hard to go through an experience like that when I was so young. And when you keep talking about it, it does us good.

Dopazo: It happened to me that people needed to communicate to me what happened with the film and it would seem petty to me to refuse, because for me there is also something of that that is linked to a very beautiful moment. Undoubtedly had a great impact on everyone’s life.

You look: It really is that. Now I remember that one day, in the recordings of The world of Mateo, Cecilia and I were in an elevator with someone from the technical department who, suddenly, looked at us and said: ¡Oops, I can’t believe it, I’m with Fierce tango in the elevator !”. We laughed a lot.


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