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Enrique Iglesias publishes his latest album

The Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias will present his latest album this Friday, September 17 Final and suggested from his Instagram account his decision to make music in a different way.

“I will never stop making music, I will never stop writing songs because I love to write songs, but I will do it in a different way,” said Enrique Iglesias, which then could not be a coincidence the name of his new album.

In short, Iglesias, 46, who lives in Miami, shows that spirit of change from his latest work, I passed, in collaboration with the Puerto Rican musician Farruko, where the son of Julio Iglesias is heard, more summery in cuts like Dancing, The forgiveness and The heart hurts.

Enrique Iglesias is based in Miami and has a 25-year career. Photo EFE / Telemundo

What brings Final

The singer anticipated Final with two themes, Stupid and Chasing The Sun, a mix that makes it clear that this album will have two climates, at least, very marked, Latin and electronic and in English.

Indeed, Stupid has all the seasonings of Dancing, a Latin and urban pop, intense and already heralds a best-seller in relation to the million views of the teaser in its first few hours alone. Chasing The Sun It is a song aimed at a young audience, with an electronic base of light ballads and that also promises a good reception in its audience.

Versions on Final indicate that he could include some of his greatest hits as a hook after seven years of his last album, Sex and Love (2014). For now, Iglesias dedicated his two advances to a wide range of both Spanish-speaking and English-speaking audiences.

A life in Miami

Enrique Iglesias and his wife Anna Kournikova, during the birth of Mary, their third daughter.

Enrique Iglesias and his wife Anna Kournikova, during the birth of Mary, their third daughter.

Born in Madrid, Iglesias, who has lived in Miami since 1982, as a result of the kidnapping of his grandfather Julio Iglesias Puga by the terrorist group ETA, began his musical career at the age of 20 with the album Enrique Iglesias (1995), who sold 6 million plates with his album and with which he won the first Latin Grammy.

In these 25 years, the singer and producer released eleven albums, all with very high sales levels. Between albums, singles and musical productions, it sold 70 million copies; of records in the United States alone he sold 19 million, which shows his extremely high popularity, largely, by dint of being honest, achieved by his father.

At present, he is one of the Latin artists with the greatest arrival in North American audiences, although he is essentially Spanish-speaking.

While his first three albums Enrique Iglesias, Live and Things of love were dedicated to the Spanish-speaking public, since 2000 began to include compositions in English, which opened important doors in the United States.

Their disks Enrique and Escape they were international successes, especially the latter. With Maybe returned to his mother tongue as if to reaffirm his bond with the Spanish-speaking community and again, he returned to include topics in English with 7, Insomniac, Euphoria and Sex and Love and with your next job Final.

In his carrer won a Grammy for Best Latin Artist, cinco Grammys latinos, cinco Premios Billboard, 45 Billboard Latinos, 10 World Music Award, 10 Latin American Music Award y 3 MTV Europe Music Award, entre otros.



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