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Emmanuel Macron: “Afghanistan must not once again become the sanctuary of terrorism that it was”

French President Emmanuel Macron spoke to the country to announce that he sent “two planes with special forces” to pick up French citizens in Afghanistan and the Afghans who collaborated with them. France will open the doors to Afghan artists, journalists, writers and intellectuals threatened by the Taliban.

“It is being produced a historic turning point in Afghanistan“Emmanuel Macron declared, live from Fort Brégançon, his vacation spot.” The capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, fell in a matter of hours. This is an important consequence for the international community and for France, “Macron added.

To ensure evacuations from Kabul, “I decided to send two planes military and our special forces “to Afghanistan, said Emmanuel Macron.” It is our duty and our dignity to protect those who help us: interpreters, drivers, cooks and so many others. Almost 800 people are already on French soil. There are still several dozen For which we remain fully mobilized “, declared the Head of State in a serious tone and staring at the camera.

Macron’s fear is the fear of Europe. “Afghanistan must not become the sanctuary of terrorism that it was”urged Emmanuel Macron, stating that France’s action “will aim, above all, to continue to actively fight against Islamist terrorism in all these conditions.”

Peace at stake

“Terrorist groups are present in Afghanistan and they will seek to take advantage of the destabilization, “warned the French president, calling for” a responsible and united (international) response “, and” political and diplomatic action. “

“It is a game for peace and international stability, against a common enemy, terrorism and those who support it. In that sense, we will do everything possible so that Russia, the United States and Europe can cooperate effectively, because our interests are the same, ”he added.

The takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban will generate a wave of refugees and a new migration crisis in Europe. Macron said he wanted to carry out a European initiative, aimed at “anticipating” and “protecting against significant irregular migration flows”, which “they feed traffic of all kinds” during his televised speech.

“Therefore, we will carry, together with the Federal Republic of Germany and other Europeans, an initiative to build without waiting a solid, coordinated and united response“Continued the French president, calling for” solidarity in the effort, the harmonization of protection criteria and the establishment of cooperation with transit countries. “

For the women

Emmanuel Macron remembered the French who died in Afghanistan, until his troops withdrew in 2014. “Our fight was fair”, hammered the French president, before paying tribute to the French soldiers “who fought, to the families of those who died or were seriously injured. We do not forget them.”

“The absolute urgency is to save our compatriots“Emmanuel Macron also clarified.

“Afghan women have the right to live in freedom and dignity“Emmanuel Macron also affirmed.” The fate of Afghanistan is in your hands. But we will remain, fraternally together with Afghan women, “said the President of France.



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