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Dune: Jason Momoa’s kids can’t stand their father’s suffering in the film

Every time there is less to see Dune, the movie in which Jason Momoa is a part. Recently, the actor revealed a funny anecdote with his children.

After so much waiting, fans are finally getting closer to seeing Dune on the big screen. The movie stars Timothée Chalamet and was directed by Denis Villeneuve. In addition to having the two of them, in the cast you can find Jason Momoa, who plays Duncan Idaho. Recently, the interpreter revealed a funny anecdote with one of his sons.

Through an interview with Collider, Jason Momoa revealed that he is a huge fan of the new version of Dune and has already seen the movie three times. According to the actor, he watches the movie with more and more enthusiasm. However, his son would not be living the same experience, since he cannot bear to see his father suffer. “My son can’t stand it. He says ‘Dad, are you okay?’ And I say ‘Son, I’m sitting right next to you. We are fine. This happened two years ago. Just watch the movie ”, the actor confessed for Today.

The suffering child in Nakoa-Wolf Momoa, the second of his children with Lisa Bonet. For Jason Momoa, the family environment is one of the most important aspects of his life. For this reason, the actor decided to share the entire Dune process with his children. In other words, while he was preparing to become Duncan Idaho, his children watched his essays and studied alongside him. “The second time I saw the movie I took my kids, which was crazy. He had never led them to something so grown up, but he knew it was important. There are many things that I did for my son in the movie. Like he learned Cal-i and I use it in the movie ”, Jason Momoa assured.

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An amazing movie

And although they do not like that Jason Momoa suffers in Dune, the actor’s children are also fascinated with the new version of the story. “What happens in the movie… When my children saw it for the first time I thought ‘Oh God’, but at the same time I wanted them to see it. It is his favorite movie. They love Dune 100%. I’m excited for you to see the rest ”, confessed the interpreter.

“I arrived as if I was not in it. This is how I felt when I went to see her. This is the third time I’ve seen her and it was terrific. It blew me away, ”the actor explained. Without a doubt, the Dune is expected to completely surprise the public. Following its airing at the Venice Film Festival, the film garnered mixed reviews.

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