Don Lee Farms Veggie Burgers and Bites Are Going Vegan

Image credit: Don Lee Farms

Don Lee Farms, the company known for its “beefy” vegan burgers, is turning its Organic Veggie Burgers and Organic Veggie Bites vegan.

The vegan burgers and bites, which will replace the current vegetarian items, are made with all-natural ingredients like organic vegetables and sunflower seeds.

The new vegan items are also gluten-free, non-GMO and certified organic.

“We introduced our first fresh veggie burger in 2005. The success we have had since hasn’t led us to be complacent,” said Donald Goodman, President, Don Lee Farms.

“We push forward with continuous innovation in all categories we sell in and have a determined focus to continue our lead in the organic plant-based space.”

When Don Lee Farms launched its first vegetarian burger in 2005, there weren’t as many people living a vegan lifestyle as there are today.

Image credit: Don Lee Farms

The latest figures from Gallup show that 5% of Americans are vegetarian and 3% are vegan.

The company said the superior quality of the vegan products over the vegetarian ones is what led them to make the switch.

“We knew we were ready with this launch when our plant-based formulas handily beat out our vegetarian ones in every blind cutting we performed,” said Goodman.

Don Lee Farms’ plant-based burgers are said to be comparable to Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, which are both known to be nearly indistinguishable from beef in taste and texture.

Food magazine Cooking Light found Don Lee Farms to be superior to both Impossible and Beyond.

The company’s plant-based line has been incredibly popular, selling one million of its meaty vegan burgers within 60 days of launching in Costco last year.

Organic Vegan Burger | Image credit: Don Lee Farms

In January, the California-based company announced an expansion into 15 countries in South America, the Caribbean and Europe, where its products are currently available in all UK Costco locations.

Don Lee Farms also announced last week that its products will be sold in all Kroger locations, making it available in 8,000 total retail outlets across the US.

The new vegan burgers and bites will be available in summer 2019. The company encourages customers seeking vegan products to verify by checking for a “vegan” label on the packaging.

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