Domino’s Australia Debuts New Vegan Pizza for Barbecue Lovers Due to Popular Demand

Vegan Barbecue Pizza
Image: Instagram/Domino's

Pizza restaurant chain Domino’s launched it’s fourth vegan pizza in Australia following the successful vegan cheese trial run and the launch of new vegan menu options last year.

The Vegan Summer BBQ Pizza, which is perfect for barbecue and pineapple fans, features chunks of pineapple, vegan mozzarella from popular vegan cheese brand Follow Your Heart, tomatoes, peppers, spinach, and either barbecue or tomato sauce.

Last year, Domino’s added vegan cheese to its 600 branches after its poll on social media resulted in an influx of support for more plant-based options.

Since then, the pizza chain added vegan pizzas on its menu such as Vegan Avocado Veg, Vegan Margherita, and Vegan Spicy Trio — all with vegan cheese.

Domino’s also started offering vegan garlic cheesy bread for garlic bread lovers.

“[W]e have been overwhelmed by the popularity of our vegan cheese,” said a spokesperson of Domino’s Australia during the launch of the pizza chain’s vegan cheese last year.

“We’ve received great feedback about having vegan cheese and it will stay on the menu.”

Domino’s is not the only business offering more vegan options this year due to increasing demand for plant-based food.

Early this year, Pizza Hut UK launched a cheesy vegan jackfruit pizza featuring Violife‘s award-winning vegan cheese and delicious plant-based toppings such as bbq jackfruit, red onion, peppers, and sweet corn — all drizzled in bbq sauce.

UK supermarket chain Iceland also launched 2 vegan pizzas, No Cheese Houmous Pizza and Italian Garden Pizza in addition to their vegan range for Veganuary.

Now, vegan and vegan-curious customers are urging Papa John’s to add vegan options to its menu in the US as it is the only major pizza chain left that still does not offer vegan options.

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Roxanne Libatique

Written by Roxanne Libatique

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