Dog Show Judge Forced to Resign After Being Exposed for Testing on Dogs for Science

Image: Instagram/The Kennel Club

A judge at Crufts international dog show, run by The Kennel Club, was forced to step down when it was revealed that he published 4 scientific papers that required experimenting on dogs.

Ron James, selected as one of the elite judges at Crufts for choosing the Best in Show champion at the finale, was revealed to be involved with scientific experiments on beagles for his scientific papers.

According to Daily Mail, Dr. James used to work at animal testing center Huntingdon Life Sciences from late 1970s to 1990, where he published 4 scientific papers based on beagle experiments.

In one of the studies, chemicals were fed to the dogs to observe if there were any side effects, while another study involved taking tissue samples from a beagle’s testes.

Speaking about his forced resignation, Dr. James said: “I stepped down because I was asked to step down, but this is a matter between me and the Kennel Club.”

The judge’s forced resignation is another hit to Crufts after another judge, Kathryn Begg, was also forced to leave due to allegations of fraud last week.

Begg, an expert on Bolognese toy dogs, was forced to quit following claims made by a former business partner. She was replaced by Howard Ogden, a lawyer who had once defended serial killer Fred West.

A spokesman for The Kennel Club said in a statement: “Dr Ron James worked as a veterinary consultant and adviser at various biomedical companies, where his responsibility was to ensure that animal welfare standards were maintained.”

“Due to privacy and data issues no further details around the Best In Show appointment decision can be given.”

“We wish to make it entirely clear that the Kennel Club is against animal testing, and actively supports groups that try to find ways to replace animals in testing wherever possible,” the spokesperson concluded.

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Roxanne Libatique

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