Dog Meat Found in Shanghai Restaurant as City Hosts World Dog Show

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Dog meat was found being sold at a restaurant in Shanghai as the city hosts the World Dog Show 2019 despite global condemnation of China’s horrifying dog meat trade.

Chinese campaigners from global animal protection organization Humane Society International (HSI) exposed the sale of dog meat at restaurants in the city where this year’s World Dog Show was held.

The World Dog Show, which took place on April 30, described itself as a “joyful gathering for dog lovers and lovely dogs across the world!”

Image: Humane Society International

However, less than 20 kilometers from the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center where the attendees gathered to celebrate their dogs, HSI’s partner group discovered three restaurants serving up dog meat soup for human consumption.

One of the restaurants displayed a huge variety of dog meat dishes on its menu and also advertised dog meat in its window, with a sign boasting that its dog meat is supplied by slaughterhouses in Xuzhou city — known as the country’s biggest dog meat processing industry in Peixian county, Jiangsu Province.

Image: Humane Society International

Aside from identifying restaurants that sell dog meat, HSI’s partner group also rescued 22 dogs from one of the restaurant’s slaughterhouse suppliers.

The dogs — including a poodle and a French bulldog — are suspected to be stolen pets, much like those being celebrated at the World Dog Show.

According to HSI, the exposé demonstrates the troubling double standard in the way that dogs are treated in China, which urged the animal protection organization to renew its call on the Chinese government to end the dog meat trade ahead of the infamous Yulin Dog Meat Festival in June.

Image: Humane Society International

Dr. Peter Li, HSI’s China policy expert, said in a statement sent to Vegan World News: “This investigation exposes the horrifying way that millions of China’s dogs are abused for the meat trade while others are pampered for the pet trade, with those two worlds colliding when pet dogs are stolen from back yards and the street to be brutally killed for human consumption.”

“The slaughter operation where the 22 terrified dogs were rescued could easily have supplied the Shanghai restaurant that claimed to get its dog meat from Xuzhou.”

“Most of the rescued dogs are small, lap-dog breeds typical of pets in China, and the activists found a pile of collars in the corner of the slaughterhouse, so there is every likelihood that these dogs were stolen pets.”

“It’s a double standard that enrages many dog lovers throughout China, who are frustrated at how this illegal trade is allowed to continue.”

Image: Humane Society International

When the animal rights activists visited a slaughterhouse in Peixian, they discovered 22 dogs cowering in the corner of the facility after witnessing other dogs being beaten to death.

As there were several clues that these dogs were likely stolen pets, including a pile of pet collars discarded in the corner, the activists were able to negotiate their release and rescue them.

“Peixian in Jiangsu’s Xuzhou City is notorious in China, producing processed dog meat such as dog meat sausages, canned and dried dog meat, mainly for local restaurants,” said Mr. Tian, one of the activists.

“But it also ships frozen dog meat further afield. Had we not rescued them, the 22 dogs we found could very easily have been killed and served up at the restaurant in Shanghai near where dogs just like them are being shown at the World Dog Show.”

“The dogs were clearly terrified, but they all responded to human kindness and sought our comfort, which is a typical sign they were once someone’s pet.”

“We want the world to know that most Chinese citizens don’t eat dogs or support this horror. It is not our culture, it is a crime.”

Rescued Dogs | Image: Humane Society International

The Kennel Club (KC) in the UK, which strongly opposes China’s dog meat trade, chose to boycott the World Dog Show this year.

The KC said in a statement on its website: “The Kennel Club fully condemns the sale and consumption of dog meat and the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, held in China.”

“The trade has long been associated with a large number of animal welfare violations, which include neglect towards the animals’ physical and mental needs.”

“In addition, slaughtering methods are brutal with no regard to the welfare of the animal and the suffering caused.”

“We are aware that the World Dog Show, organised by the FCI, is being held in China in 2019 and the Kennel Club will not be attending the show with its roadshow stand,” the KC concluded.

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