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Dodger Stadium Launches Beyond Burger and Other Vegan Menu Items

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Baseball season is upon us, and the Los Angeles Dodger Stadium has updated its menu to include a lot more vegan options, stadium officials announced Thursday.

Beginning on Opening Day, March 28th, Dodger Stadium eateries will be providing more vegan food due to consumer demand for plant-based options.

“Our success is staying in our lane, listening to our fan base, knowing our city and knowing what they love to eat,” Dodger Stadium Executive Chef Ryan Evans told KNBC.

In addition to vegan food, the stadium will also be offering more gluten-free options, and the products will range from $14-$21.

One of the new additions will be a Beyond Meat Burger, featuring the vegan patty, lettuce, tomato, onions and herb mayo.

According to the chef, the burger, which can be ordered at Bud & Burgers stand on Field and Reserve levels, is vegan if ordered without mayo.

However, it’s not only fans trying to cut down on animal products. On the field, several Dodgers have eliminated dairy from their diets to help them gain a competitive edge.

Chase Utley, the now-retired former Dodgers second baseman, started the trend of eliminating milk. At least seven other players have since gone dairy-free, according to The Atlantic.

One of them includes breakout star Max Muncy who said he went dairy-free to help him shed some pounds after noticing teammate Corey Seager’s weight loss following the offseason.

That right there is a selling point for me,” Muncy said. “You’re talking about playing 162 games in 180 days.

“You’re talking about wearing cleats for all of those, which hurts your feet. Everything hurts. Anything you can do to gain an edge and make your body feel better on a daily basis, why wouldn’t you try it?”

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