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Dixie: the gigantic fire that shakes California has already burned more than 550 homes

The gigantic fire active for four weeks in northeast California (USA) has already destroyed more than 550 homes, and the firefighters only have it contained in 30%, the authorities reported this Wednesday.

Until now, e baptized thus by the name of the mountain road next to which it began, has burned 202,700 hectaresaccording to the latest data from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire).

The fire, that has been sweeping since last July 14 A mountainous area near Lassen National Park, it is already the second largest ever recorded in the state’s history, second only to last year’s August Complex, although that fire was the result of 38 different fires in the same area.

According to the most up-to-date data from Cal Fire, the flames have charred more than 1,000 human buildings, of which 555 are houses, 131 are commercial premises and the rest are considered “minor structures”, such as watchtowers, sheds, and so on.

Despite its large dimensions and destructive capacity (Dixie is the fifteenth fire that has devastated the most constructions in the recent history of the state), for the moment there are no fatalities to mourn.


In its latest report, Cal Fire explained that the strong winds of the past hours, as well as rising temperatures and falling humidity, they have made it difficult for the firefighters to extinguish.

However, the containment of the flames has advanced slightly, going from 25% on Tuesday to the current 30%.

Last week, Dixie practically completely swept Greenville, a small town of just over a thousand residents located in Plumas County.

The investigation into the cause of the fire is still open and the main hypothesis being worked on is that of a failure in the electrical network.

Documentation provided to the California Public Supply Commission indicates that a PG&E company operator sI was fixing a problem on a power line when he noticed how bad fuses at the top of a tower had started a fire in the undergrowth.

PG&E (as Pacific Gas & Electric is popularly known) is the largest electricity supplier in the US, and supplies power to virtually the entire population of central and northern California.

The nightmare

The fire brings the worst memories to the residents of nearby Paradise, a city that was razed in 2018 by the deadliest fire in California history, in which 85 people were killed and also started by a failure on a PG&E line.

High temperatures and lack of rain In recent months they have significantly advanced the fire season this year in California, which is normally between September and November, but which in 2021 began as early as June.

Outside of California, in the neighboring state of Oregon, the firefighters already have practically the entire fire content known as Bootleg, which was declared after a lightning strike on July 6 in the wooded area of ​​Winema-Fremont.

The flames calcined 167,000 hectares over the course of several weeks, but at the moment it is already 98% contained.

Source: EFE



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