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Dissolving Vegan Toothpaste Pill Sells 8 Million Units in 6 Months

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The vegan toothpaste pill that dissolves and foams up in your mouth is gaining popularity, selling over 8 million units in the last 6 months.

To brush your teeth with Bite toothpaste pills, you simply pop a pill into your mouth, wet your toothbrush and then brush your teeth as the pill dissolves and begins to foam up in your mouth.

Bite toothpaste pills are vegan and zero waste, created as a solution to the enormous amount of plastic that ends up in landfills each year from toothpaste tubes.

“I came up with this idea because I was traveling all the time for work,” Bite founder and CEO Lindsay McCormick told FOXBusiness.

“And I was throwing out these tiny little toothpaste tubes and I just envisioned them in landfills and realized that I had to make a change.”

Instead of plastic, the toothpaste comes in a glass bottle that is supposed to be refilled with the toothpaste pills which come in compostable refill packets.

“One billion toothpaste tubes end up in landfills every single year, which is enough plastic to fill up the Empire State Building 50 times in one year,” McCormick said.

According to McCormick, Bite is also much better for you than traditional toothpaste brands because it excludes ingredients that could be harmful to health such as fluoride, artificial dyes, and harsh chemicals.

Instead, Bite uses ingredients like natural mint flavor and activated charcoal.

In addition to being vegan and free of chemicals, Bite is also gluten-free.

According to FOXBusiness, the toothpaste pill has already sold over 8 million units since August 2018.

Asked about how she was able to sell such a large volume in such a short period of time, McCormick replied: “I think it stands to a testament to the fact that people are looking for something different.

“They want transparency in companies; they want high-quality ingredients. They want something that’s eco-friendly, and they’re willing to go out and search and find it and support the brands that they identify with.”

The toothpaste pills come in two flavors: mint and mint charcoal, and they can be ordered on Bite’s website on a 4-month subscription for $30 or a one-month supply for $12.

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