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Darío Barassi vs. Iván de Pineda: the new afternoon TV duel

In front of two cycles of entertainment with similar profiles, 100 Argentines say, by Darío Barassi for El Trece, and Pass word, led by Iván de Pineda, on Telefe, at 6.30 pm, turned the second afternoon into a strong battle for the rating, by the numbers themselves and by the evenness of the face to face.

Until a few days ago, each one won comfortable in their strip. With very different styles, they had a loyal audience that, somehow, they shared because they were at very distant times, and on different channels, and who could see first one and then the other. However, with the movements in the El Trece grid, since Monday, September 13, the cycles they became direct rivals.

The programs coincide in several respects. In both there are questions and answers, classic games that test ingenuity and popular culture. To which is added the charisma of the drivers who have been traveling very different paths, but have already well earned their place on the screen.

Darío Barassi. In front of “100 Argentines Say”, by El Trece.

Curiously, the hand in hand between the two cycles marks a bid that is measured in tenths. On Monday the 13th, the first day of 100 Argentines say In its new schedule, the El Trece program measured 7.5 points, but could not beat Pass word, installed for the longest time in its strip, which won by 1.3 points.

However, on Tuesday, 100 Argentines say rose 3 tenths and with a final average of 7.8 points he managed to win in his new schedule reaching 2 tenths more than Pass word. A tight-knit television wrestling for now.


Among the variants that each one puts on screen, in this game of “alike and different” there is more in common than one imagines. Meanwhile in 100 Argentines… families who confront each other participate, Pass word Summons celebrities who accompany a participant who plays for the donut (final challenge with the letters of the alphabet).

Iván de Pineda, host of "Pasapalabra", on Telefe.

Iván de Pineda, host of “Pasapalabra”, on Telefe.

Nevertheless, both have their version “Famouss “on weekends, but the days are divided: Pass word goes on Saturdays at 20 and 100 Argentines say Sundays, also at 8 p.m.

Both programs offer prize money: 100 Argentines ... allows you to obtain 50 thousand pesos for each round won, which can reach up to 250 thousand if the family overcomes five duels. For its part, in Pass word, every day there are 10 thousand pesos at stake that accumulate in the rosco, if it remains vacant. A) Yes, the last winner took 1,760,000 pesos after 53 consecutive programs.

Finally, and the most distinctive feature of each cycle, are the drivers with very different profiles. On the one hand, Iván de Pineda, who is in charge of Pass word since 2016: the first four years in El Trece, before disembarking in 2021 in Telefe. It comes with it timing of several seasons on the shoulder.

On the other hand, Darío Barassi, who debuted as a driver last year, in the middle of the pandemic, with a new version of 100 Argentines say and became one of the revelations of the screenalso one of the mainstays of El Trece in terms of rating.

And De Pineda is the eternally young and politically correct, Barassi is the irreverent who dares to break with some traditions of what corresponds to a certain driver profile and takes advantage of his resources as an actor to impose his identity on the program.

Thus, every evening, prior to the news, De Pineda displays his style as a man of the world, discreet and friendly as host, while Barassi play at being ironic, verbose and daring in a round trip with the participants, with his team behind the scenes and with the public. To each one he surrenders his wave, based on his personality and taken to the maximum to mark almost opposite identities.

In an age when audiences seem to choose pure entertainment without being banal, the two shows they face each other to win one by one to each spectator. For now, the battle for the rating is a technical draw. However, as expressed by many followers on social media, the one who is closest to losing is the public, that he is forced to choose and see just one of the two each afternoon.


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