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Cry Macho, by and with Clint Eastwood: males do cry

For some time now, Clint Eastwood has been more concerned with telling stories of characters who have had their heyday, but who currently only struggle, alone, to impose their ideals.

Luck is elusive, to its protagonists, and also at the box office to some of the director’s films. The unforgivables. Cry Macho, at times, it seems carried out as in remote control. As it lacks strength, dynamism, a punch that Clint, at 91 years old, knew how to show as a lethal weapon in the named winner at Oscar, on Million Dollar Baby o en Mystical river.

After going through many hands of interpreters who wanted to star in it – from Burt Lancaster to Arnold Schwarzenegger-, Cry Macho refers to the relationship between Mike Milo, a former rodeo star and horse groomer, and a Mexican teenager.

Clint Eastwood is 91 years old, and he knows as much from the devil as he is from the old man. Photo WB

Mike’s ex-boss, to whom the cowboy owes a few favors, orders him. Let him cross the border, arrive in Mexico City and bring his son back to him. It seems that Rafa (Eduardo Minett) is being abused, his mother is not with him. Grudgingly, babbling like Clint likes to do, Mike has no choice but to accept the request.

He gets in the truck, crosses the border and comes across nefarious characters, and others who turn out to be the other way around. Without conducting a sociological analysis, in the film it remains in white on black that there are good Mexicans and bad Mexicans. There are no nuances, nor has Clint taken too long to dig into it.

The mexican friend

Clint Eastwood and Eduardo Minett, the teenager who has the Macho cock.  Photo WB

Clint Eastwood and Eduardo Minett, the teenager who has the Macho cock. Photo WB

He did emphasize Mike’s relationship with Rafa. Mike is, like many characters personified by Eastwood, a man of deeds rather than words.

But here Mike has a lengthy monologue on what machismo is. He does so while driving on the road, in response to what Rafa understands to be a “macho”.

Mike and Macho, the fighting cock.  Photo WB

Mike and Macho, the fighting cock. Photo WB

And Macho is the name of the fighting rooster with which the young man made a living, since he lived on the streets.

This contrast, between what one believes and the other, also plays in the mirror of what the adult and the young person see, reflected in the other.

If not for Eastwood, the film would be lost as a minor tale. But there’s that beating heart, pumping pure blood that keeps her on her feet.

“Cry Macho”


Thriller. EE.UU., 2021. 104 ‘, SAM 13. From: Clint Eastwood. With: Clint Eastwood, Eduardo Minett, Dwight Yoakam, Natalia Traven. Salas: Cinemark Caballito, Cinépolis Recoleta, Showcase Belgrano, Hoyts Dot.


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