Covid-19: Israel will digitally monitor those who breach the quarantine

In case it is carried out, the people who must comply with the mandatory social isolation will receive a message that they will have to respond by sending their own photograph in order to demonstrate that they are in the place.

Once sent, the Police will use the GPS system to verify the exact location from where the image was sent. In this sense, the police will have the permission to go to the domicile of any citizen who does not respond to these messages.

In turn, the prime minister asked that criminal charges be brought against those who have tested positive for Covid-19 and fail to comply with the quarantine, in addition to reducing the period between the infraction and the payment of fines. For example, it was announced that fines of 5,000 shekels (1,300 euros, approximately) will be applied to event rooms whose attendees do not respect the rules on wearing the chinstrap.

These regulations are deployed within the framework of a considerable increase in infections in the Asian country, which was affected by the entry of new strains of the coronavirus despite its high vaccination figures.

For its part, the Israeli Ministry of Health reported that only on Friday 1,118 new infections were registered for the first time after almost four months, while the number of active cases stood at 6,563. In addition, over the weekend, 63 people were hospitalized and 17 of them required assisted ventilation.


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