Cosmetics Brand Launches the World’s First Vegan Lip Balm Made from Upcycled Fruits

Vegan Lip Balm
Image: FRUU Cosmetics

Award-winning millennial vegan cosmetics brand FRUU Cosmetics launched the world’s very first vegan lip balm line made from upcycled fruit extracts.

After winning health food chain Holland & Barrett‘s highly competitive Innovation Pitch, FRUU developed a new vegan lip balm range made from upcycled fruit extracts to reduce landfill waste and use of unsustainable ingredients.

The new mouth-watering vegan Fruitilicious lip balms are made from up to 60% moisturizing upcycled fruit-based ingredients including mango butter, avocado cold pressed oil, watermelon seed oil, and lemon seed oil.

All fruit-based ingredients are extracted from damaged fruits and unused fruit seeds and kernels.

“In a Year 10 cosmetics science lesson, my students showed me the cosmetics they were using,” Dr. Terence Chung, founder of FRUU cosmetics, said in a statement sent to Vegan World News.

“I noticed that all of them were made from petrochemicals or natural materials that are water/land/fossil fuel intensive.”

“The so-called green beauty products are out of reach for most people. There has to be more sustainable and accessible alternatives.”

Dr. Chung, a cosmetics scientist and secondary school teacher, started FRUU Cosmetics when he realized that there were no sustainable cosmetics available for his students who are cosmetics enthusiasts.

Started from £2000 in Dr. Chung and co-founder Kelly Yee’s spare room, the couple were able to create a sustainable lip balm range using upcycled organic ingredients.

Despite using premium organic ingredients, the founders pledge to make their sustainable vegan products affordable, fulfilling their goal of achieving “affordable sustainability.”

FRUU’s vegan Avocado and Watermelon Lip Balms (£2.99) and Rare-Coral and Strawberry-Creme Tinted Colour Balms (£4.99) are already available in 815 Holland & Barrett stores in the UK.

The cosmetics brand also has plans to release more vegan products in the next few months, including a hand cream and a face mask.

Aside from the new vegan lip balm range, FRUU Cosmetics also has 8 highly tinted color lip balms and 2 coffee scrubs.

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Roxanne Libatique

Written by Roxanne Libatique

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