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Coronavirus: Spain extended the quarantine obligation for travelers from Argentina

Spain decided this Saturday to keep in force the obligation to fulfill a 10 day quarantine for the Travellers arriving from six countries in Latin America and Africa, including the Argentina and Brazil. The measure is part of those taken for the coronavirus pandemic.

Travelers from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Namibia and South Africa will have to comply with a quarantine of 10 days from their entry into Spain, as they are considered countries of “high risk” by the levels of contagion.

This is established by an order from the Spanish Ministry of Health, which was established for the first time on July 23 and is now extended until next August 23.

“The consideration of a high-risk country is made by jointly assessing the main epidemiological indicators used for this purpose at the European Union level. criteria contemplated include the cumulative incidence per 100,000 inhabitants in fourteen days, the positivity rate, diagnostic test rate, or vaccinated population rate “, indicates the official text of the Spanish government.

With 4.5 million cases of coronavirus and 82,000 deaths, Spain is one of the countries that suffered the most from the consequences of the pandemic in Europe.

At the same time, near the 60% of the Spanish population is fully vaccinated against covid-19, which allowed a drastic decrease in the number of deaths.

With information from AFP



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