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Coronavirus in the United States: Florida does not stop breaking records with more than 15,000 hospitalized

The number of people admitted for coronavirus in Florida hit a new mark on Tuesday, upon reaching 15,169, which means 1,192 more hospitalized than the record of the previous day and also an increase in pressure for health personnel and hospitals in a state that suffers like few others from the onslaught of the delta variant.

The focus of the authorities continues on the Intensive Care Units (ICU), where the new wave of the pandemic has caused that today 89.77% of the available places are occupied, 47.14% of them with patients suffering from covid-19.

Across the United States, those hospitalized by the coronavirus today totaled 73,300, a figure of which Florida is awarded 20.7%, as well as 17.9% (3,060) of the total of 17,140 admitted to intensive care throughout the country.

According to the ABC network, in the midst of this scenario, the Florida health authorities have requested the federal Administration to send 300 fans to replace “spent inventory” in the various hospitals in the state.

So far the governmental Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which on Monday revealed new records of infections during the weekend for Florida, which added 28,316 new cases on Saturday and 28,317 on Sunday, they have not reported the figures for Monday and Tuesday.

The Florida Department of Health questioned the figures given by the CDC and noted that according to their accounts, there were 19,567 new cases on Saturday and 15,319 on Sunday.

At a press conference in Jacksonville, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis alluded to the discrepancy in the weekend’s figures and noted that they are investigating its causes.

The Republican insisted that the rebound in cases is part of the cyclical trends of the virus and expressed his doubts that there will begin to be a shortage of health personnel in state hospitals, as some media have pointed out, but promised to address the issue with health officials.

The chinstrap war

In the midst of this upturn in cases, in which records are broken practically every day, DeSantis, maintains the ban that school districts enforce the use of masks in schools, as suggested by the CDC.

His office even went so far as to warn that the state Board of Education I could suspend the salarys from school superintendents who challenge the executive order on face masks.

This has not been an impediment to Alachua, Duval and Broward counties require the use of face masks when the next school year starts.

In Broward, school board members confirmed in a special session the mandatory nature of masks in all their schools, even against a rule of the state Department of Health that grants parents the possibility of exempting their children from wearing masks.

The classes

Classes in Palm Beach County began Tuesday for more than 167,000 students and School Superintendent Michael Burke confirmed that the students they must wear face masks although parents who wish to do so have the option of desisting from its use.

DeSantis today referred to concerns about the spread of the delta variant among schoolchildren, of which only those over 12 years of age are eligible to receive vaccines.

“If viewed throughout the entire pandemic, between 1.1% and 1.4% of patients with covid in Florida hospitals have been pediatric. And right now it is 1.3%, so there has not been a change in the proportion of young people who end up entering “medical centers,” he said.

Source: EFE



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