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Corinna Larsen, the favorite “friend” of Juan Carlos of Spain, denounced him for harassment

After years and years of underground and forbidden relationship in which the sophistication of juggling to see each other led to a getaway together to hunt elephants in Botswana, Corinna Larsen now says that the king emeritus Juan Carlos I of Borbón, in reality, he harassed and watched her.

That is why he denounced it. And it demands to be compensated.

A few days after the first anniversary since Juan Carlos decided to leave the kingdom to take refuge in the Arab Emirates due to the storm of scandals -financial and love- that rained down on him and that dot the reign of his son, Felipe VI, the Financial Times claims to have had access to the complaint that Corinna filed, in December last year, in London, with the High Court of Justice of England and Wales.

There he accuses the king who abdicated in 2014 in favor of his son of threats, defamation and harassment “from 2012 to the present day” and of “illegal covert and open surveillance”, a task that would have been in charge of the National Intelligence Center (CNI) Spanish.

According to Corinna, the intelligence services of the Kingdom of Spain have been pressuring her for years to that does not reveal state secrets that, for the CNI, she knows and keeps up her sleeve.

Compensation and distance

And they would have defamed her causing damage in her work as an international consultant, which is why Corinna seeks financial compensation of several million euros.

The lawsuit includes the request for a court order to keep Juan Carlos and the former director of the CNI, Félix Sanz Roldán, more than 150 meters from her and her house, and any agent of the Spanish secret services.

Until now, neither Juan Carlos nor his defense have had an opinion on Corinna’s complaint.

Perhaps they are speculating about the real and legal possibilities that a British court could investigate the King Emeritus, a former head of state of another country who does not even have residence in the United Kingdom.

Dark banking transactions

In the complaint, according to the English newspaper, the mention of the 65 million euros that Juan Carlos I would have transferred to one of her accounts and which, in Corinna’s words, were a gift from the Bourbon to ensure the well-being of her and her children.

But the emeritus king would later have claimed that money, which would correspond to “non-sanctified” commissions received by Juan Carlos of Saudi Arabia for his role in the construction of the fast train to Mecca.

Larsen assures that, in 2012, the former director of the CNI suggested to him in a meeting held in London that he could not “guarantee his physical safety or that of his children.”

But Sanz Roldán defends himself: “I have never threatened a woman or a child, never.”

In Spain, the Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office has not yet ruled on the three cases investigating Juan Carlos I for allegedly shady financial movements.

In March of this year and perhaps as part of a tax debt payment plan that his lawyers designed for him, the emeritus king paid more than four million euros to the Treasury.

And despite his self-exile in Abu Dhabi “due to the public repercussions generated by past events in my private life” -as Juan Carlos pointed out in a letter that he left his son when he left Spain-, no accusation still weighs on him. penal.

However, Corinna continues to keep King Emeritus from sleeping. Probably more for his accusations than for his stainless seduction.

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