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Compulsory vaccination in the United States? The country is late to its vaccination goal and seeks to reinforce the process

With a new wave of coronavirus In the wake of the advance of the Delta variant, the United States finally reached the target of 70 percent of vaccinated adults on Monday. But it is late. One month late. With a single dose. And with hospitals filling up again, just as summer break ends and classes begin again.

The table is forcing the issuance of new rules for the use of chinstraps and forcing mandatory vaccination in different parts of the country

In a change of strategy Notably in the Southeast, Louisiana mandated that nearly all of its residents, vaccinated or not, wear masks again in all enclosed public spaces, including schools and universities.

And other cities and states also reimposed precautionary measures to counter a crisis attributed to the fast-spreading variant and reluctance of some Americans to get vaccinated.

“With the same speed with which we can discharge them, they are entering, and they are entering very sick. We began to see whole families get sick“lamented Dr. Sergio Segarra, medical director of Baptist Hospital in Miami.

The Florida chain of medical centers reported an increase of more than 140% in the last two weeks in the number of people hospitalized with the virus.

Biden had set a goal of reaching the 70% adult threshold with at least one dose of the vaccine for the 4th of July. That figure was the minimum in the government’s initial calculations of what would be necessary to achieve herd immunity in the United States. But that became insufficient after the arrival of the Delta variant, which allowed the virus to resurface.

The government’s fight with anti-vaccines

There was no celebration at the White House on Monday, nor was a new target set. Rather, the government struggles to overcome skepticism and hostility towards vaccines, especially in the southeast of the country and in other rural and conservative areas.

The United States still not enough the other goal of the government of fully vaccinate 165 million of adults for the 4th of July. It is about 8.5 million to achieve it.

New daily cases in the country sextuplicaron last month to an average of nearly 80,000, a level not seen since mid-February. And deaths per day have risen in the last two weeks from an average of 259 to 360.



per million inhab.


per million inhab.

Source: Johns Hopkins
Chart: Flourish | Infographic: Clarion

They are still well below the 3,400 deaths and a quarter of a million daily cases recorded at the worst moment of the outbreak, in January. But in some parts of the country the number of cases is reaching its highest level since the pandemic began. And almost all deaths and serious illnesses today they are unvaccinated people.

Mandatory vaccinations

For now, the United States government does not plan to make vaccination mandatory in the land of freedoms. But Joe Biden has not ruled it out.

So far it has only required federal public employees to do so if they do not want to being forced to undergo tests of covid-19 daily.

“It is time to impose some requirements based on the reality of the different risks run by those who are not vaccinated versus those who are,” said Jeff Zients, coordinator of the government’s pandemic response team.

Outside of the federal sphere, some companies are demanding the vaccine such as Google or Walmart.

the White House believes that “the time has come” to extend vaccination obligations. And he already studies it apply in the Armed Forces.

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provided the number of 70% of the adult population vaccinated with at least one dose and 60.6% fully inoculated.

These data, however, they do not distinguish to residents in the country of the thousands of people who have traveled from other nations, mainly Latin America, with the sole purpose of getting vaccinated.

The 70% goal is late and with an enormous effort to give it momentum in recent days due to the fear of the delta variant.

The director of data on covid-19 of the White House, Cyrus Shahpar, indicated that in the last week more than 468,000 doses have been administered, of which 320,000 have been to people who have been inoculated for the first time.

“The seven-day average of the newly vaccinated is the highest since July 4,” added Shahpar, who urged “keep working to vaccinate to more people. “

End of dream

A month ago, the dream of the pandemic passed In the US it seemed real, with just over 10,000 infections a day, but in the last 7 days the highest level of infections of the whole summer has been registered, with 72,000 cases a day, 44 percent more than in the previous week.

v1.7 0421

The evolution of cases in Florida

Tap to explore the data

Source: NOW
Infographic: Clarion

Florida is now the epicenter of this new wave, which the Government insists on defining as the “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

In Florida, in fact, 10,207 hospitalizations for covid-19 have surpassed the previous record of 10,179 reached in July 2020, before vaccines were available.

The president of the Florida Hospital Association, Mary Mayhew, explained that more than 50% of those hospitalized due to covid-19 you are between 25 and 55 years old, something “dramatically different” from what I saw last year, and that 96% are unvaccinated people.

This Monday he announced that he had tested positive despite Republican Senator Lindsey Graham being vaccinated.

“I will be in quarantine for ten days. I am very happy to have been vaccinated because without the vaccine I am sure that I wouldn’t feel so good like now. My symptoms would be much worse, “said the senator.

Graham participated over the weekend in a small meeting with other senators organized by Democrat Joe Manchin on his boat in Washington, so other legislators could miss the next sessions in the Upper House, which is just passing an ambitious infrastructure plan key to Biden.

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