Cocaine Found in Race Dog May Have Been Used to Improve Performance

Dog Racing
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Cocaine was found in a race dog named “Sniffing Out,” following a spike in the number of race dogs testing positive on the drug.

According to sports chiefs, there has recently been a large number of race dogs found to have cocaine in their system, which they think could have been given by trainers to gain an advancement in racing as it makes the animals “hyperactive” and therefore run faster.

However, the drug have a few side effects, including tremors, panting, deadly seizures, and heart attacks.

Last year, the drug was found in hair and urine samples of 4 greyhounds that were part of the race, while last month, a disciplinary hearing by Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) found that Sniffing Out tested positive for cocaine.

“Scientific evidence showed that cocaine had passed through the dog’s system and was incorporated in its hair, and that the levels detected would indicate a window of exposure over several days or a shorter time depending on dose,” said the report.

Luke Bird, Sniffing Out’s trainer, claimed that the dog is a pet who is being walked in public places where he could have taken the drug. He was “severely reprimanded” and fined £500.

The GBGB said in a statement: “Greyhound welfare and safety is at the heart of everything we do. Every racing greyhound is treated with care and respect throughout its career” and it has a doping and medication review panel.”

Trudy Baker of animal welfare organization Greyt Exploitations added: “You have to question how many of the 56 that died a sudden death on track and the 307 dogs put to sleep — deemed unsuitable for homing — were damaged by drugs.”

“These graceful creatures deserve more than to be treated as inanimate gambling chips.”

Greyt Exploitations is now urging the government to enforce the Animal Welfare Act instead of letting GBGB manage the races.

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