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Charlie Watts: a modest wake, which The Rolling Stones did not go to

El funeral de Charlie Watts It was so low-key that his fellow Rolling Stones didn’t even attend. Without the presence of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ron Wood, the ceremony took place last week in Devon, England, where the drummer lived and had a herd of thoroughbred horses.

As published by the British newspaper The Sun, the three surviving Stones They were unable to travel due to sanitary restrictions due to the pandemic. They had to stay in Boston, United States, where they rehearse for the group’s next tour of that country. Is named No Filter and begins on September 26 in the city of St. Louis, state of Missouri.

Watts died on August 24 at the age of 80. In the weeks before his death he had undergone coronary intervention, which had led him to withdraw from that tour, where he will be replaced on drums by Steve Jordan.

The Stones in 2016 in Argentina. Photo Martín Bonetto

An intimate ceremony

Sam Cutler, a former Stones tour manager, gave some details of the modest funeral ceremony with which the remains of Watts were dismissed. The man, who first worked with the drummer in the 1960s, said the “lack of fuss” suited Watts’ low-key personality.

In a report with the British newspaper The MirrorHe said: “It perfectly reflects the man that he was, and I fully understand the choice that was made. I would have hated the mess and the commotion that would have meant involving the public. “

On the same note, Cutler said he was sure that Watts would have wanted The Rolling Stones to keep playing without him. “He would have liked his bandmates to continue,” he said. “I’m sure they will, and that each concert will become a tribute to a remarkable man and very dear, because there is no way they are not still the best rock and roll band in the world. “

Charlie Watts and Shirley Ann with their daughter Seraphine, mother of their granddaughter Charlotte.

Charlie Watts and Shirley Ann with their daughter Seraphine, mother of their granddaughter Charlotte.

The duel in social networks

Following the news of Watts’s death, his lifelong peers paid tributes to him on social media. Wood shared a photo with him on his networks, along with these words: “I love you, my Gemini partner. I’m going to miss you a lot, you’re the best ”.

Jagger posted a poignant photo of a smiling Charlie without a message, while Richards posted a photo of the Rolling Stones drummer with a “closed” sign hanging from it, also without text. According to a source close to the group, the Stones are going to pay tribute to their bandmate during upcoming concerts.

Watts was no less than 59 years behind the drumming of the Rolling Stones, but until the end he said that he still did not feel like a star: “Stars are Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, I’m not a rock star, I never walked into that trap

The "closed" battery: Keith Richards

The “closed” battery: Keith Richards’ metaphor for firing Charlie Watts. Instagram photo

It’s not the first time Stones stars have missed a groupmate’s funeral. In 1969, Jagger and Richards did not go to fire the band’s founder Brian Jones, who had drowned in a pool under unclear circumstances. This time they did give the present Bill Wyman and Watts.



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