Celebrity-Backed Vegan Campaign Donates $100,000 to Hurricane Survivors

Million Dollar Vegan Campaign
Image: Million Dollar Vegan

Celebrity-backed global vegan campaign Million Dollar Vegan donated $100,000 to hurricane survivors.

Million Dollar Vegan, the vegan campaign that offered to donate $1 million to charity if Pope Francis went vegan for Lent, donated $100,000 to vegan humanitarian aid organization Chilis on Wheels to help Hurricane Maria survivors.

Genesis Butler, the 12-year-old vegan activist who led the vegan campaign, wrote a letter to the Pope and visited the Vatican to urge him to accept the challenge.

However, Pope Francis gave an indecisive answer to the offer but the campaign — which is supported by musician Moby, Paul McCartney and others — still donated to Chilis on Wheels as it uses a plant-based diet in addressing humanitarian and environmental issues as a “goodwill gesture.”

Speaking about Chilis on Wheels, Butler said: “It was very humbling and inspiring to meet people in Puerto Rico who are helping to rebuild their lives after Hurricane Maria.”

“It was wonderful to see how vegan food — as a sustainable food choice — can help hurricane survivors in a country where many people have been forced to go hungry.

“It was also great to hear how Million Dollar Vegan’s $100,000 donation will help Chilis on Wheels continue the amazing work in Puerto Rico and in other countries too.”

“Even though the Pope didn’t agree to go vegan for Lent, I’m really happy that many people in need will still benefit from this campaign, and that we were able to encourage thousands of people to try a vegan diet — to help animals, our planet and our health.”

In September 2017, Hurricane Maria killed 3,000 people, with thousands displaced.

In response to the donation, Michelle Carrera, Chilis on Wheels Founder, said in a statement: “We are beyond delighted to receive the donation of $100,000 from the Million Dollar Vegan campaign.”

“Puerto Rico is a country that has been hugely affected by extreme weather events and food insecurity.”

“The donation will enable us to continue to offer vegan meals to people in need, providing a sustainable diet as a way to build a better future,” she concluded.

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