Carnivores Eat Raw Liver at Vegan Demonstration to Protest Malnutrition

Image: YouTube/ sv3rige

A couple of carnivores decided to eat raw, bloody liver at a vegan protest in Melbourne as their own form of protest against veganism.

Footage shows two raw meat eaters standing next to vegans who are quietly protesting animal cruelty by holding screens showing footage of the abuse.

At first, the vegans appear to ignore the protesters, but one vegan approaches the men, saying: “You look really proud of yourself.”

“I am proud,” a carnivore protester said, while taking a break from his bloody feast.

“You’ve achieved a great feat today,” the vegan replied.

One of the men then throws a large chunk of meat in the street, and after he is told he is wasting meat by a vegan, the carnivore says: “Now the bird’s will eat it.”

Asked why they are eating raw meat by one of the vegan protesters, one of the carnivores responded: “because you guys are making people malnourished.”

“You don’t understand you’re making people sick,” he added.

“You already look halfway there,” he said to one of the vegans. “Trust me; you’re going to start eating meat again.”

“You’re going to start craving meat once you realize you’re like dying,” to which the vegan responded with laughter.

The video, which has been posted to several sites, has gone viral.

A spokesperson for Animal Activist Collective told Daily Mail that they received a tip about the carnivores’ plans to crash their weekly protest.

The spokesperson claims that the raw meat eaters were encouraged to crash the event by Sv3rige, the infamous carnivore YouTuber who crashes vegan events, and was recently arrested after eating a raw squirrel at a vegan market.

According to the spokesperson, many of these carnivores, who follow Sv3rige religiously, are “fad dieters” who experienced problems on a vegan diet due to their extreme ways of eating.

“These ‘ex vegans’ usually then go on to blame a plant based diet based on their misguided idea of what a healthy vegan diet is and end up taking things to an even more extreme,” the spokesperson said.  

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