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Carnivore ‘Anti-Vegan’ YouTuber Accidentally Inspires Meat Eaters to Go Vegan

Carnivore YouTuber
Image: Direct Action Everywhere Brighton

Carnivore YouTuber sv3rige inspired meat eaters to go vegan after eating raw pig’s head in a vegan food festival as part of his anti-vegan protest.

VegFest 2019 — a two-day vegan food festival that was held in Brighton, UK — was disrupted by anti-vegan YouTuber sv3rige by eating raw pig’s head as part of his anti-vegan protest.

Brighton and Hove Independent reports that Sv3rige was confronted by vegan activists from the Brighton chapter of animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), who held “It’s not food, it’s violence” and “Meat is murder” signs.

The manager of the festival shared that they were aware that there will be an anti-vegan protest during the event, adding that they were expecting many protestors but only 3 arrived.

“We knew about the planned protest and were expecting 30 protestors – 3 turned up, which was slightly sad for them and reminiscent of a Nigel Farage march,” said VegFest UK Manager Tim Barford.

He added that meat eaters who joined VegFest to try vegan food and beverages were so appalled by Sv3rige’s stunt that they were encouraged to go vegan instead of staying as a meat eater like him.

“What was interesting was that we had meat eating members of the public saying that this revolting spectacle had encouraged them to give up eating meat – so it seems the anti vegan protest actually encouraged people to go vegan,” said Barford.

“They proceeded to upset kids and members of the public, and with that in mind, the police arrived, gave them a warning and sent them packing.”

A member of DxE Brighton added: “A lot of everyday people walking past are also repulsed by the sight of a pig’s head which is interesting as most of these people eat pigs as well.”

VegFest UK 2019 took place on March 23 and 24 at the Brighton Centre. It is an annual event but will not be held next year as the organizers are busy with new vegan show Plant Powered Expo as well as another annual vegan event VegFest London.

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Roxanne Libatique

Written by Roxanne Libatique

Roxanne is a vegan journalist and advocate for animal rights and mental health. She tries to live consciously and spends her free time traveling, enjoying vegan food, volunteering, and speaking up for all animals. Connect with her at @roxlibatique on Twitter and Instagram.

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