Canadian Brand Debuts Protein-Packed Vegan Instant Ramen

Vegan Instant Ramen
Image: Rebel Ramen

Canadian brand Rebel Ramen is set to debut its protein-packed vegan ramen after successfully crowdfunding its Kickstarter target in only 7 hours.

According to ramen enthusiast Chris Au, who founded Rebel Ramen and owns online stores Biolent and Vital House, the brand’s goal is to bring the public the best ramen ever but with natural and recognizable ingredients and without the guilt.

“It’s really important to me that all of my businesses are plant-based,” said Au. “I’m an engineer by trade so efficiency is important to me.”

“Looking at the animal agricultural industry, there’s just no way we can maintain this path without running out of water, rainforests, or dying due to global warming.”

Image: Rebel Ramen

The new vegan ramen features 2 flavors, Miso and Spicy Savory, and replaces artificial additives with natural and flavorful ingredients including protein-packed black bean ramen noodles.

The brand promises 38 grams of plant-based protein per bowl, 72% less carbs than traditional ramen, and gut-friendly fiber.

“Our noodles have re-imagined what Cup Noodles can be,” Au shared. “Instead of being high in simple carbs and fat, we focus on protein and fiber.”

“Instead of 50 unrecognizable ingredients, we use just a few that our customers can intuitively feel good about.”

“We wanted to keep the taste and convenience of the classic Cup Noodles but bring the nutrition up to our standards.”

Image: Rebel Ramen

Rebel Ramen’s Kickstarter fundraising campaign initially aimed to raise CAD $3,798 but is now more than 300% funded.

If the brand achieves another goal of CAD $50,000, it will add a vegan chicken flavor to its line.

The Kickstarter campaign will close on March 22 and the brand will begin its large production of the vegan ramen, which will be available online soon.

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