Brazil with “IFE”: Bolsonaro launches a subsidy for families affected by the pandemic

“This is what we intend to do: set the new Bolsa Família as of November at (an average) 300 reais, an increase of more than 50%,” Bolsonaro said in an interview on Radio Itatiaia.

“It is not much, I know it is not much. But it is what the nation can give. As of December we expect that around 22 million (families) will receive the Bolsa Família. It is a scary figure,” he said.

An average monthly aid of 300 reais would mark a victory for Bolsonaro over the more fiscally cautious members of his economic team, who are eager to ensure that the Executive’s spending cap rule is not broken.

Economy Ministry authorities had previously indicated that stipends could be increased to 250 reais a month, while a source told Reuters last month that monthly payments could be between 250 and 284 reais and that the number of eligible families could increase. to 17 million from the current 14.6 million.

Economy Minister Paulo Guedes said last week that Bolsa Família’s total bill for next year could be 50 billion reais, but the figures cited by Bolsonaro would bring an annual cost close to 80 billion reais.

Bolsonaro, whose popularity has plummeted during the coronavirus crisis and is preparing for re-election in October 2022, had already promised to expand the assistance program.


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