Bolsonaro winks at the “centrão” to guarantee the loyalty of Congress

“We are working on a small cabinet change next Monday, in order to continue managing Brazil. We have a huge responsibility. I knew that the work was not going to be easy, but I really realize that it is very difficult. I do not recommend my position to any of my friends, ”Bolsonaro told the official Jovem Pan radio station.

All the files to prevent the collapse of his Government – now with complaints of corruption linked to the military of the Ministry of Health in the purchase of vaccines, in addition to multiple requests for impeachment – are deposited in the inauguration as chief of the cabinet of Ciro Nogueira , senator president of the conservative Progressive Party (PP), which dominates the sector called “Centrao”, the right-wing majority in Congress to which Bolsonaro joined last year.

The ministerial reform was not detailed by Bolsonaro but it can generate a great political impact in the face of his aspiration for re-election in 2022: reduce the forms of “military regime” that the administration adopted and show less rejection of social policies, eroding, perhaps , part of the superpowers of the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes.

Nogueira is the strong man in the politics of this possible government and if he assumes he will displace retired general Luiz Eduardo Ramos, one of the figures who fed the image of the Planalto Palace as a kind of military barracks, with the uniformed men at the head of the Government as it had not happened since 1985, with the end of the dictatorship.

Nogueira and the PP have been part of the officialdom since 1994: even that force is the most involved in the corruption of the Lava Jato scandal, since a Petrobras manager confessed that he collected bribes for that party.

He was an ally of Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff in the coalition presidentialism that seemed to have died with the election of Bolsonaro, but who returned to give more political volume and dialogue to a sniper profile of the former captain who is the chief executive.

Bolsonaro is at the floor of his popularity, 24%, and three-quarters of the country considers him, according to Datafolha, incapable of governing. In addition, Datafolha and other polls show Bolsonaro defeated in the first and second rounds against Lula, former president between 2003 and 2010, and leader of the Workers’ Party (PT).

Bolsonaro’s fall in popularity is not only explained by the dramatic results of his management of the pandemic, but also because he began to be investigated by the Federal Police, by order of the Supreme Federal Court, for prevarication and hiding information about the authorities from the authorities. possible corruption in the case of the fraudulent purchase of Covaxin vaccines by the Ministry of Health.

The scandal was uncovered by the open investigation commission in the Senate, which found a dispute over business between the military and people linked to the political wing within the Ministry of Health.

With the military mired in corruption cases, the political wing seeks to win with Nogueira the Civil House, the coordinating ministry, and also the economic agenda, monopolized today by the super-minister Guedes.

In the face of reelection and the gallop of the pre and post-pandemic economic crisis, Bolsonaro can restore the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, which was extinguished by the arrival of the ultra-liberal Guedes.

And if he does that, Onyx Lorenzoni, secretary of the Presidency, can go to that ministry, a position to which the current head of ministers Ramos would go.

The weight of the PP in the ruling party began to become evident with the election in January as president of the Chamber of Deputies of Arthur Lira, who has 123 requests for impeachment against Bolsonaro.

The PP chaired by Nogueira has already offered the party for Bolsonaro to join for his re-election.

The president belonged to the PP for 12 years as a deputy, but in his presidential election campaign he fought it and even qualified it as the “old politics.”

In the event that Nogueira, a businessman from the northeastern state of Piauí, takes over as chief of staff, the alternate will take over in the Senate. None other than his mother, Eliane.

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