Bolsonaro, weakened, will reform and moderate his cabinet

At the most fragile moment of his mandate, Bolsonaro intends to get closer to the center and is considering handing over the Civil House of his government to the national president of the Progressive Party (PP), Senator Ciro Nogueira, who is one of the main leaders of the party bloc. that supports the ultraconservative in Congress, reported Folha de Sao Paulo.

“We are working on a small ministerial change that should take place on Monday,” he said in an interview with radio Jovem Pan de Itapetininga.

The renewal of the cabinet leadership includes discontent in Congress with the current minister, retired General Luiz Eduardo Ramos, a personal friend of Bolsonaro but who is highly criticized by allied legislators.

Another source close to the Presidency told the same media that higher profile ministerial changes are not ruled out. The idea is to anticipate the departure of those officials who will contest next year’s elections and who, by law, should leave the executive branch next April.

“Bolsonaro knows that he needs to improve his political articulation, especially in the Senate, where the Covid commission advances on the government and where two significant nominations for the Planalto Palace must be dealt with, that of the current attorney general of the Union, André Mendonça, to the STF (Supreme Court of Justice), and the re-election of Augusto Aras to the command of the PGR.


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