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“Blind as a Bat” Bodybuilder Says Going Vegan Improved His Eyesight

Hench Herbivore
Image: Instagram/Hench Herbivore

Bodybuilder, YouTuber, personal trainer, and former bouncer Paul Kerton — also known as the Hench Herbivore — claims that going vegan “vastly” improved his eyesight.

Kerton, 45, from Norwich, was able to lower the grade of his contact lenses in half after leaving animals and their by-products off his plate as well as taking CBD (cannabidiol) supplements.

The vegan bodybuilder shared that he used to be “blind as a bat” but noticed that his vision “vastly” improved in the first 6 months of going vegan.

“Six months into being vegan, far from ruining my training I was the strongest I’d ever been, leg pressing over 400kg for 16 reps,” he told Daily Mail when he shared his vegan journey.

“I used to be blind as a bat, but in the first six months of turning vegan, my vision improved vastly. My opthalmologist nearly fell off his chair when I had an eye test and my vision and I saw how much my eyesight had improved.”

“I still wear contact lenses but they’re half the strength they used to be. I whole heartedly believe it’s because of veganism.”

He added that a vegan diet also helped him improve his temperament and mood, claiming that he is now “calmer, more relaxed, and better balanced.”

Kerton admitted that he used to consume around 500 grams of animal-derived protein every day in order to quickly gain muscle but eventually followed his partner’s journey toward veganism.

He now promotes veganism for “optimal health and sports performance and the wellbeing of the planet and the animals.”

He said: “In ten years from now, I think the majority of people will be vegan. It will grow as more people see the benefits to their health.”

“I’m on a mission to show the world the amazing power of vegan whole foods, in terms of sports performance and the prevention, treatment and even reversal of chronic diseases,” he concluded.

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Roxanne Libatique

Written by Roxanne Libatique

Roxanne is a vegan journalist and advocate for animal rights and mental health. She tries to live consciously and spends her free time traveling, enjoying vegan food, volunteering, and speaking up for all animals. Connect with her at @roxlibatique on Twitter and Instagram.

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