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Bill Maher Calls out ‘Douches’ Who Wear Canada Goose Jackets

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Comedian Bill Maher made his stance on Canada Goose jackets known, calling out people who wear these jackets as being cruel “douches.”

In a special “New Rules” segment, shot before the taping of his HBO show Real Time on February 22nd, Maher did not hold back on expressing his disdain for people who wear the popular Canada Goose jackets.

In the video, which is a public service announcement for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Maher states: “New rule: No more douches.

“I mean the hipster douches who piss away $1,000 on a Canada Goose parka and the hipsterazzi who max out their credit cards to look like them.

“See, what they don’t realize—or may not care about—is that Canada Goose trims its coats with the fur of coyotes who’ve been crushed and mangled in steel traps so painful and indiscriminate that they’ve been outlawed in over 85 countries.”

Maher goes on to talk about how coyotes who desperately want to escape the traps that their legs are trapped in sometimes resort to chewing off their legs, which ultimately leads to the animals bleeding to death or dying from infection.

He explains that, on the other hand, the animals who don’t succeed in escaping also suffer a disturbing fate as they are “strangled or beaten to death by the [expletive] who set the traps.”

He then goes on to describe the torture that geese have to endure in order for one of these jackets to be made, stating that Canada Goose “stuffs its jackets with the down feathers of geese it also murders.”

Making reference to undercover footage obtained by PETA, the HBO host said they are grabbed by the neck, stepped on and stuffed into crowded crates.

He stated that the geese face horror before they are “stunned and shackled and their throats are slit.”

“Don’t wear Canada Goose. Only a douche does that. You won’t look cool; you’ll look cold,” Maher concluded.

Canada Goose is a Canadian winter clothing company that is considered trendy by many and is worn widely across Canada, particularly in larger cities like Toronto, as well as in the colder US cities.

For years, PETA has been running campaigns showing undercover footage to alert the public about the cruelty involved in making Canada Goose products, and Canada Goose has consistently maintained that they only purchase from “certified trappers.”

“Surge, PETA and other activist groups misrepresent the facts and use sensational tactics to try to illicit a reaction and mislead consumers,” said Canada Goose in a statement.

“They ignore the strict government regulation and standards that are in place, as well as our commitment to ethical sourcing practices and responsible use of fur and down.”

“We know and deeply respect that whether or not people want to wear fur is a personal choice. We’re thankful we live in a society where healthy discussion like this can happen. We read and hear all of your feedback,” the company said in another statement.

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