Biden analyzes making the sending of remittances to Cuba more flexible and sanctioning the regime

“Under the leadership of President Biden, the United States is actively implementing measures that will support the Cuban people and hold the Cuban regime accountable,” said a senior Democratic executive.

In this sense, the Government will create a working group to “identify the most effective way to ensure that remittances reach the Cuban people directly.” In addition, the State Department plans to review “planning to increase the staffing of the United States embassy in Havana to facilitate diplomatic, consular and civil society participation, and an adequate security posture,” he added.

Additionally, Biden is working with Congress and the private sector to seek “viable options” that make the Internet more accessible to Cubans.

For its part, the Treasury Department is expected to consider imposing new sanctions against senior Cuban officials “responsible for the repression during the protests.”

Biden promised during his campaign for the White House that he would remove restrictions on sending remittances and travel to Cuba, imposed during the term of Donald Trump.

The Democratic president has a “strong humanitarian argument” to remove the limits on remittances and travel to Cuba, said Juan González, director for the Western Hemisphere of the United States National Security Council.

Cuban-American Republican Senator Marco Rubio warned that the current restrictions on remittances to Cuba are due to the “reluctance of the communist government” to accept direct shipments to families.

He considered that with the working group on remittances, the Biden administration would be facilitating “a trap” that the Cuban regime will take advantage of to deceive the United States, according to the Radio Televisión Martí network.


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