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Beyond Meat Has Sold over 25 Million “Bleeding” Vegan Burgers Worldwide

Image: Instagram/ Beyond Meat

Plant-based meat brand Beyond Meat has sold over 25,000,000 of its increasingly popular burgers worldwide since its 2016 launch, the company told CNBC

The Beyond Burger – a vegan burger made to taste just like meat by biophysicists who study the molecular structure of meat and find plants to replicate the texture and taste – has seen success worldwide and continues to grow.

The burger was an instant success following its May 2016 launch in a Colorado Whole Foods grocery store where the product sold out in just one hour.

The Los Angeles-based company subsequently struggled to keep up with demand at Whole Foods stores nationwide as the burgers were consistently flying off shelves.

There was so much demand, in fact, that Beyond Meat had to postpone its UK launch last year due to fears that it would not be able to keep up with international demand as it was already struggling to keep its products stocked in U.S. stores.

Image: Beyond Meat

The company, which is backed by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, has since launched the product in Britain and continues to grow as it is now sold in over 32,000 grocery stores and increasingly offered as a menu option in restaurants like TGI Friday’s and A&W Canada.

Earlier this month, fast food chain Carl’s Jr. started offering the Beyond Burger nationwide, making it the first major US restaurant to offer the vegan patty nationally.

Beyond Meat has grown so rapidly that last year the company filed a $100 million IPO and is now reportedly worth more than half a billion dollars.

The Beyond Burger contains more protein than beef, twice the iron of a beef patty, and almost half the saturated fat without any cholesterol, making it a popular choice not only with vegans but also among health-conscious meat eaters, who make up the majority of consumers.

The Beyond Burger is made primarily of pea protein, potato starch, coconut oil and beet juice, which makes it “bleed” while cooking.

While the Beyond Burger is the company’s flagship product, Beyond Meat offers other plant-based meats, including beef crumbles, chicken strips and sausage.

Image: Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat says it is now working to develop other plant-based meats, including a steak.

“We want to make bacon, we want to make steak, we want to make the most intricate and beautiful pieces of meat,” said company founder Ethan Brown.

Beyond Meat will join plant-based meat company Impossible Foods in attempting to create a world class plant-based steak.

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