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Belgium Now Has “Go Vegan” Traffic Lights

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Update: According to Belgium reporter Sophie Devillers, this is an illegal campaign by vegan activists.

Over the past few weeks, dozens of stop lights that encourage citizens to stop eating meat and adopt a vegan lifestyle have started to pop up in Belgium.

Roughly two dozen stop lights around the city of Brussels now feature the phrases “stop meat” over the red “stop” signal and “go vegan” over the green “go” signal.

Image: Facebook

This has left vegans and animal welfare activists on social media elated but also confused and skeptical.

Many praised the city for promoting veganism, calling it “brilliant,” with others saying they want something similar introduced in their own countries.

However, some quickly began to speculate about whether this is the “secret” work of animal welfare activists attempting to promote vegansim.

But according to one local Brussels resident, that is far from the case.

“I’m sure it hasn’t been done secretly because it would have only lasted a few days, it’s been going on for weeks. Same system as some lights say BUS,” she wrote.

Brussels and several other cities in Europe have been known to feature unique traffic signals.

In 2017, Brussels launched gay pride lights and crosswalks in celebration of Belgian Pride, an annual gay rights celebration.

Late last year, the town Friedberg, Germany made international news for installing traffic signals featuring Elvis Presley dance moves.

This was done in honor of the King of Rock & Roll, who was stationed in the town while he was in the military.

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