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Attack in Kabul: United States killed an ISIS member in a bombing of Afghanistan

The United States Army bombed this Friday (early Saturday in Afghanistan) ISIS positions in that country and killed a person who allegedly planned future attacks on Americans in Kabul, the Pentagon reported.

The attack came a few hours after US President Joe Biden warned that group on Thursday that he would hunt them down and that “I would make them pay” for the attack in the Kabul airport area, where they killed 13 members of the US military and about 170 Afghan civilians.

That suicide bombing, which caused the highest number of American casualties in Afghanistan since 2011, had been claimed by ISIS-K, an Afghan faction of the Islamic Army, which rivals the Taliban who now control the country.

The United States Central Command said the United States carried out a drone attack against a member of the Islamic State in Nangahar who is believed to be involved in planning attacks against the United States in Kabul. The attack killed one person, and a spokesman for Navy Capt. William Urban said they knew of no civilian casualties.

It was unclear whether this person had been specifically involved in Thursday’s suicide blast outside the gates of Kabul airport, where crowds of Afghans were desperately trying to enter as part of the ongoing evacuation of the country after the swift takeover of power. of the Taliban.

The airstrike fulfilled a promise President Biden made to the nation on Thursday, when he tearfully said the perpetrators could not hide: “We will chase you and make you pay”.

Pentagon leaders told reporters Friday that they were prepared for any retaliatory action ordered by the president. “We have options there right now,” said Major General Hank Taylor of the Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs of Staff.

By vowing to attack the extremists who killed 13 Americans and 170 Afghans, President Biden has the difficult task of finding and attacking them in an unstable country without US military and intelligence equipment on the ground and without help from a friendly government in Kabul.

The situation on Afghan soil is one of maximum tension. President Biden was warned on Friday that another deadly attack could be underway in the next few hours, when the United States must finish evacuating thousands of people by August 31, the withdrawal deadline that Biden refused to extend. .

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Biden’s national security team offered a grim picture.

“They informed the president and vice president that another terrorist attack in Kabul is likely, but they are taking maximum protection measures from the force at the airport, “said Psaki.



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