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Anne Hidalgo, the socialist who forged her image as mayor of Paris and will be a candidate for president

The socialist Anne Hidalgo, Born in Spain into a modest Andalusian and Republican family, she has lived most of her life in France, the country that first allowed her to grow professionally and then politically from the mayoralty of Paris.

A springboard from which he intends to reach the presidency by announcing his candidacy this Sunday for the spring elections of 2022, with little chance of victory, according to the polls.

With 62 years and the political showcase that has offered him in the last seven years to be in charge of the City Council of the capital, This daughter of immigrants has many numbers to become the hope of the French Socialist Party at least to get out of the political insignificance in which she fell in the 2017 presidential elections with only 6.35% of the vote.

Ana María Hidalgo Aleu was born in San Fernando (Cádiz) on June 19, 1959, but with only two years he went to live in Lyon with his parents – who wanted to break with a country that was still very gray and marked by the harshness of the Franco dictatorship. At 14 he already had French nationality.

Although Spanish was spoken at home, young Anne knew how to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the French social promotion system and his promises of liberty, equality and fraternity.

35 hours

She became a labor inspector and with her experience in that field entered in 1997 in the cabinet of the Socialist Minister of Employment, Martine Aubry, who established in France the 35 hours of work per week, considered then by the left as a great social achievement.

In the municipal elections of 2001 he ran at the head of the socialist list in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, and although he failed to beat his right-wing opponent, his party managed to conquer the mayoralty of the city with Bertrand Delanoe and she as the councilor responsible for equality between men and women and “the office of the times” became “number two”.

Under the protection of Delanoe in Paris, Hidalgo was hardening and in his second term (2008-2014) assumed responsibility for urban planning and architecture.

In those years she was also elected successively in the regional elections of 2004 and in 2010 in Ile de France, while it failed in 2002 and 2007 in its interns for becoming a deputy for Paris.

Mayor’s office

His great consecration at the polls came in the municipal elections of March 2014, which allowed her access – thanks to an alliance of socialists, communists, environmentalists and other personalities – to the post of mayor, the first in the history of the city.

In the time that she has been in office (she was re-elected in June 2020), the decisions that have been made the best known to her abroad, and also those that have generated the most enemies among inhabitants of the outer crown of the metropolitan area – who do not they vote in Paris-, are those aimed at reducing the circulation of cars.

With Hidalgo in the City Council, the deployment of bike lanes or the abolition of parking spaces has accelerated, while central and speed limits were reduced (They have passed at 30 kilometers per hour on almost every street).

The fight against pollution and climate change has been at the center of his administration, with the staggered ban on heat engines, with the total ban on diesel engines by 2024. Measures generally well received in a city in which most of the 2.15 million inhabitants do not have their own car.

Few chances

The announcement this Sunday of her candidacy for the Elysee, which was an open secret for many weeks, will serve to check if it was the necessary step to get out of a second-place position in the polls, which until now have promised nothing more than a low adhesion to dispute the presidency of the country.

His first stumbling block, and in principle the simplest – he has the backing of his first secretary, Olivier Faure -, will be your own party, that with an internal vote of the militants after the congress that will be held next weekend, he will have to decide who will represent him in the Presidential elections of 2022.

The following, starting with some kind of pact with environmentalists, are much more uncertain. And reach the Elysee, in the current circumstances, a practically impossible feat.

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