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Anne Hathaway Reveals How Matt Damon Inspired Her to Quit Vegan Diet

Anne Hathaway
Image: Instagram/Anne Hathaway

Actor Anne Hathaway, who quit her vegan diet in 2014, revealed the exact moment that she started eating animals again — with the help of fellow actor Matt Damon.

During an interview with Tatler, Hathaway shared that she started eating animals again when she dined out with her husband and co-actors during the shooting of science fiction film “Interstellar.”

She shared that she was the only vegan at the table as her husband Adam Shulman and co-stars at a Michelin-star restaurant and became inspired to “go with the flow” like everyone else, especially when Damon said he would have whatever the chef wanted to serve him.

“So then I was the only chick and I’m the vegan and everyone’s just going with the flow, ” Hathaway told Tatler.

“So I asked [she puts on a small embarrassed voice] ‘Is your fish local?’ And they said ‘do you see that fjord?’ So I had a piece of salmon and my brain felt like a computer rebooting.”

Hathaway went on a plant-based diet in 2012 to get in shape for her role as Catwoman in “The Dark Knight Rises.” She is not the only celebrity who quit veganism.

Jackass star Steve-O recently admitted that he quit veganism and started eating fish again despite going vegan for the animals and narrating a campaign video by animal protection organization Farm Sanctuary that urges pescatarians to go vegan as fish are sentient, intelligent, social, and feel pain.

YouTubers Rawvana, Bonny Rebecca, Raw Alignment, and Tim Shieff also quit veganism recently due to health issues, while YouTuber Stella Rae started eating animals again after “craving salmon so bad.”

Dr. Garth Davis, well-known vegan medical and weight loss doctor, slammed “millennials on YouTube” who quit veganism and discussed the science behind the plant-based diet, which gave him enough reason to call “leaving veganism” videos ridiculous.

He claimed that ex-vegans did not leave veganism — they left a diet as the types of plant-based diets that they had been following, mostly extreme, were not even in the “same realm” of what he and other doctors recommend.

Health YouTuber Gojiman, a qualified nutritionist, who is currently completing a master’s degree in nutrition, compiled the common traits of ex-vegans, including following extreme diets and being arrogant.

He pointed out that most ex-vegans went vegan to cure their health problems or improve their health instead of being vegan for the animals.

He also noticed that most ex-vegans followed extreme diets such as raw, very high carb with extremely low or no healthy fats, and intentional calorie restriction for weight loss — with some being so obsessed with finding ways to become perfectly healthy that they are willing to drink their own urine.

Finally, obsession with physical appearance and believing that they know more than doctors and heath professionals despite lack of medical knowledge are also common in ex-vegans, he said.

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Roxanne Libatique

Written by Roxanne Libatique

Roxanne is a vegan journalist and advocate for animal rights and mental health. She tries to live consciously and spends her free time traveling, enjoying vegan food, volunteering, and speaking up for all animals. Connect with her at @roxlibatique on Twitter and Instagram.

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