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Animal Rights Activist James Aspey Running for Office in Australia

Image: Instagram/ James Aspey

Australian animal rights activist James Aspey is running for office in New South Wales in the upcoming March election.

Aspey, best known for taking a vow of silence for over a year to bring awareness to animal cruelty, is running as an Animal Justice Party (AJP) candidate for the Heathcote seat, according to AJP.

AJP is Australia’s first political party created entirely to benefit the interest and wellbeing of animals.

Since the party’s official approval in 2011, AJP candidates have gone on to win elections, including Mark Pearson who was elected to the New South Wales Legislative Council in 2015, and most recently, Andy Meddick, who has represented the Western Victoria Region in the Victorian Legislative Council since November 2018.

Aspey, 32, took a vow of silence on New Year’s 2014 and spent the entire year not speaking in order to bring awareness to animal suffering and promote peace.

He traveled Australia without saying a word while spreading this message and inspired many along the way, eventually breaking his silence on Australian national television after more than a year of not speaking.

Aspey now travels around the world giving speeches and promoting a vegan lifestyle with a mission of ending animal cruelty.

Now he hopes to join other AJP politicians in working to protect animals and promote their interests.

The most recent video uploaded to his YouTube channel is an interview with Andy Meddick, so it appears the animal rights activist is surrounding himself with the right advisors.

The election will take place on March 23, 2019.

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