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After Halston’s success, fashion adds another glamorous biopic: Disney prepares designer Karl Lagerfeld’s

When it seemed that biopics, that piggyback genre of documentary and biography, focused especially on music and sports figures, the spotlight began to point to other areas. And suddenly it shed light on the world of fashion, with Halston as a figure, with Liza Minnelli as a hook and with very good numbers for Netflix. Now it’s the designer’s turn Karl Lagerfeld.

This last day of August, Disney announced the production of the Emperor Karl, a series about the iconic and enigmatic fashion designer born in 1993 and passed away in 2019. The episodic story, which will be streamed (via Disney +) is based on the life of this daring character who, over time, became the successor to the iconic Coco Chanel.

It is the first drama series to focus on this important figure of the fashion of German origin, but of French soul. The script is shot in the summer of 1972, a year before the death of the most successful French designer, Coco Chanel, according to the platform.

He will also reflect on Lagerfeld’s rivalry with Pierre Bergé, a partner at Yves Saint Laurent, and to fly over the couturier’s love affair with Jacques de Bascher, in addition to showing his magic on fabrics.

What will the story be about

the Emperor Karl It will delve into the world of Lagerfeld and his character who, despite reaching immense popularity, painstakingly cultivated mystery in many areas of his life, “explained the people of Disney.

Four months after his death, in June 2019, in Paris, a tribute parade was organized. EFE

According to the information that was made public globally this Tuesday 31, the series “will shed light on the luxury fashion houses of the 1970s“And you will also learn” how Lagerfeld built a unique personal brand, which was sometimes controversial, in a world where appearances are everything. “

Still without a release date, the production on the couturier will debut on Disney +, but It is not ruled out that at some point it can also be seen through the cable.

The announcement of this new biopic was in charge of the president of The Walt Disney Company EMEA, Jan Koeppen, during the festival Series Mania, which is held in Lille (northern France) and which brings together the main leaders of the international audiovisual industry.

the Emperor Karl it perfectly represents the kind of stories we want to tell, “said Koeppen, who opined that Lagerfeld’s life has not been told, until now, as his stature deserved.

Naomi Campbell and Stella Tennant with Lagerfeld.  They all wanted to pose for him.

Naomi Campbell and Stella Tennant with Lagerfeld. They all wanted to pose for him.

The series will consist of six episodes to be shot in France and produced by the Gaumont company, responsible for the creation of Lupin, which managed to become one of the ten most viewed content on Netflix in many countries after its launch. Lupin, inspired by the adventures of the white-collar thief who became famous in literature, is starred by Omar Sy.

About the cast of the Emperor Karl There are still no details, but it transpired that there will be a handful of names established in Europe.

The biopic designed for television is based on the homonymous book by the French writer and journalist Raphaëlle Bacqué, who knew very well this figure of fashion who died at the age of 85. She joins the creative team of this film production along with other screenwriters, such as Isaure Pisani-Ferry and Jennifer Have.


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