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Afghanistan: Taliban claim they took control of part of Kabul airport but Pentagon denies it

A day after the attack in Kabul that left more than 100 dead and some 200 wounded, the Taliban took control of part of the airport from the capital of Afghanistan, according to a spokesman for the Afghan extremists.

“Three important sites of the military part of the airport were evacuated by the Americans and are under the control of the Islamic Emirate“reported, Bilal Karimi, via Twitter.” Currently only a very small part is in the hands of the Americans“he added.

The information was denied hours later by the United States. “They are not in charge of any of the gates, they are not in charge of any of the airport operations. That is still under US military control.“said Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

It is a key place, since the planes with which the United States seeks to complete its evacuation plan depart from there, which has a deadline of August 31.

The incident occurs 24 hours after a terrorist attack near the Abbey gate, at the entrance to the airport that left 95 Afghans killed, many of them children, and 200 wounded. Also died 13 US Marines.

Two more explosions broke out at night but the Taliban attributed it to destroying equipment. by the North American forces.

A first version indicated that two attacks had been committed. One executed by a suicide bomber who imploded as thousands of Afghans waited to leave and waved their acceptance papers to draw attention to soldiers, in a sewage canal near the Baron hotel.

The other episode would have occurred with an alleged fire engine that would have detonated at the entrance to the Kabul airport, in the middle of the evacuation of Westerners from Afghanistan, plus a gunfight on civilians and military.

However, this Friday the United States affirmed that there was a single explosion around the airport. The ISIS branch of the terrorist group in Afghanistan claimed responsibility for the attack.

The Pentagon also insisted on Friday that the Afghanistan evacuation mission after the return of the Taliban still faces more threats of attacks.

“We still believe that there are credible threats … specific and credible threats,” said US Defense Department spokesman John Kirby.


Exit operations for foreigners and Afghans resumed this Friday at the airfield. They are the last. Several countries They announced that they finished their operationss, including Spain, Italy, Norway or Switzerland. Great Britain will do it “in a few hours”.

France suggested it could continue to remove people from Afghanistan “beyond friday“and a French delegation met in Doha with representatives of the Taliban for the first time since they took power in Afghanistan on August 15.

The United States thus assumes practically alone the tense mission of completing the largest evacuation operation in history by August 31, the date chosen by President Joe Biden to close 20 years of military presence in the country.

With information from AFP


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