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Afghanistan: fear of an invasion of people at the airport before the final withdrawal of the United States

More than 10,000 people are waiting to be evacuated at the Kabul airport, with less than 36 hours left to complete the military operation in Afghanistan. They are going to put all Afghans down until now. The British military said they fear “a stampede that will not let the planes take off”, that everything will be “panic and violence”, when the Afghans are aware that they will not be part of those who are leaving.

The most feared scenario is that the afghans invade the track and do not let the planes leave, when there is no longer western control at the airport, as on the first day of the evacuation. The withdrawal must end several days before August 31 to meet the date agreed between President Joe Biden and the Taliban. It is believed that it will be Thursday or Friday.

The Taliban has asked Turkey to administer and secure the airport after the departure of the Westerners, after several negotiations. Keeping the airport open will be essential to continue operations and transport aid in the face of the humanitarian crisis. There are no supplies and a severe famine will take over the country in two more weeks.

At least 6,300 Afghan interpreters and their families, who worked for British troops, have left the country. But the conditions are disastrous and horrible to get to the airport and many translators fail to get through the Taliban checkpoints.

Russia has authorized 1,000 Afghans to enter its country and is preparing its first evacuation. France will finalize its evacuation in the next few hours. He could not use the North American helicopters and should have located everyone on the bus, with the Taliban leading the convoy, to the airport.


Desperate people, in the middle of a sewage canal, waiting with their papers in hand to be selected days ago. For them, the evacuation will be a miracle or an impossible mission. Many of the Western forces translators have gone into hiding because the Taliban are looking for them for questioning and have given up hope of being evacuated.

Former Afghan Interior Minister General Masoud Andarabi said that “the Taliban does not keep promises not to take revenge against the workers of the other government ”.

“The situation is chaotic, beyond the assurances of the Taliban not to persecute former officials of the previous government. There is a house-to-house search. A significant number of people have been killed. They capture and kill them. So I think it is dangerous for the people who worked in the previous government. If the government continues to be aggressive, pockets of resistance will emerge, ”said the general.

Former royal Marine, Iran and Afghanistan veteran Pen Farthinhg, who has a cat and dog sanctuary in Kabul, won his battle. After a fierce fight with Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, Prime Minister Boris Johnson allowed him to evacuate with his 200 animals, his 60 Afghan workers and families, on his own plane, which was paid for by anonymous benefactors.

There are 200 places for other civilians who want to get on this plane. Carrie Johnson, the British first lady, was instrumental in the decision.

Traffic has increased at the Kabul air terminal after President Joe Biden refused to extend the evacuation deadline beyond August 31 because the Taliban would not allow it. They went from 145 planes every day to 60 on August 20 and 21, which are the figures of the day that are recorded. At least 20,000 people were evacuated yesterday alone.

British military sources believe that there is a “very high risk of terrorist attack” against the evacuation operation of the United Kingdom and its allies.

In recent days, the ministers, including the Secretary of Defense and the Minister of the Armed Forces, have expressed their concern “for the security threat of the troops involved in the evacuation effort ”.

The fears

ISIS K, which is an Afghan version of the Islamic State, has threatened the Taliban, ridiculed its takeover of Kabul and threatens an attack in the queues of those who wait in the queues at the airport in Kabul.

A risk that forced the Taliban to deploy your special forces of the Haqani Clan in the vicinity of the airport, cancel American flights for 8 hours and reduce the six airport gates to one, with its entry limited to containers, to reduce the chances of the impact of a suicide attack or a car bomb.

Western forces are particularly exposed because they are in front of Afghans and Europeans who want to enter the airport, in the midst of a chaos that the Taliban has managed to organize in queues, in a rare collaboration with the occupation forces.None of them can be a suicide or advance a auto pump.

The United States believes that its troops are at risk of being attacked and the military evacuation has already started slowly. If they leave, the logistics run out so that the other countries in the coalition can continue to operate to rescue the Europeans and Afghans they are missing.

British Chancellor Dominique Raab said 2,000 people left Kabul airport on Friday for Britain and that in the last 24 hours, “The system has accelerated until reaching full speed ”.

“We are going to use every hour and day to bring as many as we can: the British, the Afghans who worked with us loyally, the Chevening fellows, women human rights defenders and journalists, ”Raab said.

According to the minister, “those that remain are complex cases, where one can have the documentation and the others lack it,” he explained.

When asked if after the military evacuation the airport could continue to operate with civilian planes, which do not work at this time, he said that “we we want Kabul airport to be functional again. This requires security on the ground, providing security and that the Taliban keep their word to give free passage to those who want to leave.

A Taliban spokesman said that “they would not allow Afghans to leave the country, especially academics and doctors”.

The British diplomats at the airport and the 1,000 English troops accompanying them they are going to need a while to pack their equipment and be able to leave before January 31st.

Germany will continue to help Afghans after the August 31 date “until I am responsible to do so.” This was reported by Chancellor Angela Merkel to Parliament.

“The end of the airlift in a few days does not mean the end of protection for Afghans who helped us and those Afghans we have left in a greater emergency with the arrival of the Taliban ”said Angela Merkel.

“That is why we are working intensely at all levels to protect those who protected us, including through civilian operations at Kabul airport, ”announced Merkel.



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